Summer Rain is the Perfect Excuse to Go to Rhode Island Dolls

I was worried that the pandemic might ruin my summer. I love summer and I love rainy days in the summer even more because it has always been the perfect excuse for me and the guys to go to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. We can’t do yard work, can’t go to the beach, can’t go to the park – so we head to our favorite gentlemen’s club instead.

I thought we might miss out on that but RI Dolls is open again and it’s just a matter of time before it is back to regular hours. For now they are only open evenings from Wednesday to Saturday but I have faith that it will get better. They are doing everything possible to make sure that it is a safe place for their customers to be, too. Tables are 8 feet apart and all the staff are wearing masks.

Thinking about that made me fall in to one of my little fantasies about the club that has kept me going while I was at home in isolation.

In true gentleman’s club tradition, I walk into the club to see a bunch of tastefully sexy Dolls dancing erotically. Some of the women are dressed in see-through costumes, some are wearing sexy lingerie, and a couple are walking around in glamorous gowns. I grab a seat and order a whiskey on the rocks. It doesn’t take long for a sweet little thing to come over and introduce herself to me.

Mandi is a cute blonde stripper with a tight body. Unlike the beach, the girls here will actually talk to you. Mandi and I talked for a little while. When I finished my whiskey, I asked for a lap dance. She happily obliged. A new song was just about to start, so we hurried over to a more comfortable area of the strip club. As she started dancing, I realized that being here at RI Dolls was a much better idea than spending the day at the beach. I’m glad it was raining today, or I’d miss out on this awesome lap dance.

As Mandi danced for me, she slowly took her clothes off. Her soft skin was tan, and her long blonde hair fell down her back in gentle curls. She had light pink lipstick on, which I think was perfect on her. I’m not the type of guy that usually paid attention to lipstick, but her plump pink lips were amazing and for a few long seconds I couldn’t take my eyes off them. Then, my eyes finally moved and I looked at her round breasts, her tight tummy, and man what a firm ass she had. It was really hard to refrain from reaching out and touchings her perfect skin.

She leaned over and whispered in my ear, in the most sexiest voice I’ve ever heard. She asked me if I liked her. I laughed and told her that I did. Then she leaned over and whispered in my other ear, asking if she was better than spending a day at the beach. I laughed again, this time a little louder, and told her that watching her was so much better than the beach.

When the song was over Mandi excused herself and walked away. I was ready to check out the main stage, so I made my way over and found a great seat. I ordered another drink, pulled out a few bills, and watched a girl do things on a pole that I didn’t think was physically possible. Being at the beach was the last thing on my mind now. I didn’t even care that it was raining on my day off. I’m having too much fun here at Rhode Island Dolls.

When the pole dancer was done with her routine, she came off the stage and came right over to me. I wonder if all my tipping had anything to do with that? The best thing about fantasies is that you have an unlimited supply of money. And, you can also get all the best girls. The pole dancer sat on my lap and then reached up and began to curl a lock of my hair around her finger. I have never been turned on like this before.

I’m really looking forward to being able to go to Rhode Island Dolls on those summer days when the rain prevents us from doing other stuff. Heck, who am I kidding. I’ll be spending as much time there as I can now that I’m not house bound!