Does Body Language Matter at Rhode Island Dolls?

Body language says a lot about you and most people know that you need to be aware of what it says when you’re at work or on a date. But what about at a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI? Do you need to be aware of your body language or can […] Read more »

Planning A Night Out At RI Dolls With New Friends

I’ve never really had a lot of friends. When I was in grade school I had one good friend. We did everything together. And then his family up and moved to Winnipeg at the end of the school year and I never saw him again. That was a sad day for me. I’m kind of […] Read more »

Reliving My College Romance at RI Dolls

When I was in college I went out with this girl that I never should have let get away. Roxanne was smart and funny and she was very pretty. She was a year behind me and I was crazy about her. Maybe a little bit too crazy about her. I think that I scared her […] Read more »

Should You Go Solo At Rhode Island Dolls?

There are lots of people that gentlemen’s clubs like RI Dolls these days. Lots of people go as a way of socializing after work or on the weekends. Fathers take their sons when they become of age. Guys hang out there with their buddies. Some women even to go strip clubs. So, it’s not really […] Read more »

Rhode Island Dolls Weekends Make The Work Week Better

In the summer, if you are the only one stuck working while you’re friends are on vacation or at the beach, it can be hard to be stuck with a job. But sometimes you have to make sacrifices for your future and sometimes that means working over the summer. You’re not a kid anymore and […] Read more »

Rhode Island Dolls Got Me Through My Divorce

I got divorced last year. Well, my wife left me for another man and we sold the house and the divorce went through about a year ago. I have to admit, the first few weeks after she left, I was in really bad shape. I was barely managing to go to work and keep my […] Read more »

Join Us For A Topless Bike Or Car Wash At Rhode Island Dolls

The yearly carwash at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, RI is one of the best days of the year. Who hasn’t had that fantasy about half naked beauties washing his car? It’s a classic and this event at Rhode Island Dolls makes it all come to life. The Topless Bike/Car Wash is a great time – […] Read more »

Introduce A Friend To Rhode Island Dolls On Tuesday Nights

Do you have a friend that has never been to a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls? Have you been thinking of introducing him to gentlemen’s clubs but just haven’t gotten around to it? Does your buddy need a great introduction to a place that is a great place to relax and loads of fun […] Read more »

Good Reasons For Girls To Bring Their Boyfriends To RI Dolls

So, one of your girlfriends mentioned that they went to a strip club with their boyfriend and now you’re thinking about it, right? Is it crazy to bring your man somewhere that he’s going to basically be invited to look at hot, half-naked chicks? After you’ve been giving him arm punches for staring at girls […] Read more »

Celebrating A New Job At Rhode Island Dolls

I’ve been going to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI for as long as I can remember. At least since I’ve been old enough to be legal to go to a gentleman’s club. I love the place. I go there with my friends and I’ve even been there a couple times with my dad. Actually, […] Read more »

We Had Our Engagement Party At RI Dolls

My girlfriend and I have been together for a couple of years now. We made sure that we did all the important things we wanted to do before we got married. We travelled (sometimes together, sometimes on our own). We partied. We even did some experimenting together, if you know what I mean. And after […] Read more »

How RI Dolls Inspired Me To Get My Spring Cleaning Done

Spring cleaning is likely my least favorite thing to do. It kind of sucks because the snow disappears and the sun comes out and what do we get stuck doing? Spring cleaning! It’s not fair, really. Usually I put it off but my wife came up with a way to get me to get motivated […] Read more »

5 Ways To Make Your Experience at RI Dolls Unique

Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI is a great place to go, day or night, week day or weekend. There’s not doubt about that. But if you want to make your experience at RI Dolls just a little more unique there are a few things you can do. You can spend a little extra money […] Read more »

Wednesday Team Lunches at Rhode Island Dolls

I work for a big firm in the city and there are a lot of employees. Employees work on teams with a team leader that is responsible to motivate them and guide them on various projects. Everyone in the company wants to work on my team and there’s one good reason. Our team leader knows […] Read more »

Spring Break Surprise

My boyfriend just went home after visiting for spring break. He could have gone off to Daytona with his buddies but instead he came home to see me. I was really happy that he made that choice when he was talking about spring break earlier in the year. I was worried that the distance between […] Read more »

Starting My New Life at RI Dolls

A month ago my girlfriend dumped me. We’d been together since high school and I didn’t see it coming at all. I thought we were happy. I was planning on buying a house with her. I was totally settled into our relationship. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe I was too settled. But she completely threw […] Read more »

When My Summer Vacation is Too Far Away I Go to RI Dolls

Winter sucks. Really. I know there are some people who love it because they go vacationing in warm countries or they love skiing and other crazy outdoor winter sports or because they live somewhere warm. I don’t. I live in Rhode Island and it’s cold for most of the winter. Even spring can be kind […] Read more »

How Should You Act at the Bar at RI Dolls?

There is a proper way to act when you’re at a gentleman’s club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. For any establishment there are rules. Some of them are written rules and you might see them on a sign somewhere in the establishment. But there are unwritten rules, too. When you’re at a strip […] Read more »