Rhode Island Dolls – Where the Best Deals Are Made

I’m an entrepreneur. I work for myself and I love it. I’m always looking for new ways to network and to build my business and find new clients. In the past, I stuck mostly to things like networking events, participating in local groups on social media, and advertising. That works but there is only so […] Read more »

High Stress Job? Relax At RI Dolls

That’s what I do – I let all the stress of my demanding job slip away at Rhode Island Dolls. That’s a gentlemen’s club that I go to at least once a week. It’s in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It’s a pretty classy joint and I’m telling you, it totally makes it possible for me to […] Read more »

A College Send Off For My Boyfriend

So, my boyfriend turned 21 this month and he’s going back to college. For our first few years of college we were together but now, because of his major, he’s transferring to another state. We’re both kind of upset about not being together so I wanted to give him a really good send off and […] Read more »

Celebrating My Nephew’s 21st Birthday at RI Dolls

My nephew turned 21 on Friday. It was a big day for him but a sad one, too, because his dad had passed away a couple years earlier. It would have been a special day for him to spend with his dad but that wasn’t possible. So, since his dad couldn’t be here to help […] Read more »

Rhode Island Dolls Makes Summer School Not As Bad

I was supposed to be at the beach all summer was my friends. I was supposed to be enjoying my last summer before graduating from college by being lazy and partying. But no. I failed one of my courses and have to take summer school classes this summer instead of being with my buddies and […] Read more »

Spring Cleaning is DONE And I’m Celebrating at RI Dolls!

My wife has had me spring cleaning for weeks now. It seems like when the weather gets warmer she has this incredible need to sort through everything in the house, move it around, and reorganize it. Personally, I don’t get it. I mean, we just did it last year. How unorganized could it have gotten […] Read more »

Planning Our Anniversary Party at Rhode Island Dolls

I can’t believe that my wife agreed to this but we are having our anniversary party at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. Of course, this is the special, just for our closest friends party. We’ll have a little family thing at home so our kids and our parents can come. Although I did invite […] Read more »

Be Someone New at Rhode Island Dolls

Do you ever get tired of being who you are? Wish you could change your identity – even if it was just for a short time? Most of us do but it’s not so easy. But a trip to Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club in Woonsocket could be just the right thing to help you […] Read more »

RI Dolls Helped Me Through My Divorce

Last year when I got divorced it was one of the most traumatic times of my life. I’d been married for so long I didn’t know how to not be married anymore. I won’t go into the gritty details. I’ll just tell you that it was all unexpected, difficult, and almost debilitating. In fact, for […] Read more »

When I Lost My Job RI Dolls Kept Me Sane

I’ve always been the main bread winner in my home and when I lost my job I felt horrible. I felt like a complete loser. I didn’t know who I was anymore. Of course, I looked for a job like crazy. I sent out so many resumes but after a few weeks and I still […] Read more »

I Find the Best Company at RI Dolls

The holidays can be hard for a lot of people. You hear about people spending time with their family and friends, going for dinners, the parties they go to. But when you are a single bachelor who has dedicated your life to your career, you might find it hard to hear all of that. Yes, […] Read more »

My Wife Likes RI Dolls Better than Male Dancers!

A year or so ago my wife and I decided that we should start trying to do new things. You know, to spice up our life a little bit. Our kids had all moved out of the house and were settled in college or their new lives and things in our life had just gotten […] Read more »

Rhode Island Doll’s Spiced Up Our Marriage

A year ago, our marriage was struggling. Truth be told, my husband and I were just bored. We went out with the same people every weekend. We went to the same restaurants. We had sex but only because we were afraid that if we stopped we’d never get started again. At least that’s the way […] Read more »