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Thanksgiving Eve Party 2014!

Come join the fun and be thankful this year for all that is good – and that includes the sweet Rhode Island Dolls!

We’ll have fun, frolicking, drink specials, dance specials, prizes and giveaways and lots more. Don’t miss out.

Come and be thankful!!!! [read more on our blog here]

Wednesday, Nov. 26th


Weekly Events & Specials


No cover charge all day and night
$1 food menu from 4-10 pm
Call out dance specials

2 for 1 Tuesdays
No cover charge from noon to 6 pm
2 for 1 cover from 6-1 am
$2 burger & fries from 4-7 pm
DJ call out 2 for 1 dance specials all day

No cover from noon to 6 pm
Half price apps from 4-7 pm
Call out dance specials

No cover from noon to 6 pm
Call out dance specials all day long

TGIF- No cover from noon to 6 pm
Come in and start the weekend off right. You should have plenty of money in your pocket if you took advantage of all of our weekly specials!!

Saturday: Open at 3 today
No cover until 6 pm
Stop in while you are running errands for the lady at home!

Sunday: Open at 6 pm today
End the weekend right and visit the Dolls before Monday gets here!