Ways for RI Dolls Dancers to Make St. Patrick’s Day Special

March 13, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner and you can bet that you’re going to have lots of Irish (and Irish for the day) customers that are eager to celebrate their favorite holiday with you! They are going to be looking for an extra fun night and there’s lots of ways that you can…

Rhode Island Dolls Fantasy Cheerleader

Places for RI Dolls Dancers to Find Costumes and Accessories

March 13, 2014

One of the best parts of being a dancer at a gentleman’s club like RI Dolls is the opportunity to dress up and play a character other than who you really are. You can try on different personalities, act out fantasies, or just have a lot of fun. Part of that, is finding great costumes…

How to Set the Mood on Valentine’s Day at RI Dolls: Ideas for Dancers

February 11, 2014

Many girls dream of becoming one of the gorgeous Rhode Island Dolls, but there’s still one day that is typically requested off by the dancers at strip clubs everywhere: Valentine’s Day. The regulars still stop in, of course, and the Woonsocket strip club is packed during the daytime…but Valentine’s evening? The atmosphere is a bit…

Beauty Tips for Strippers at Rhode Island Dolls

February 11, 2014

When you’re wiggling your hips in nothing but a G-string, a dimly lit room isn’t always forgiving.  People are always going on about how less is more, but this is the strip club, not yoga class.  There’s a reason you were offered a gig as a dancer, and part of that reason is because you’re…

Tax Tips for Strippers

January 21, 2014

Uncle Sam is anything but patient when it comes to getting his fair share of your yearly income, so it’s important to make sure that you file your federal income taxes correctly and on time. Whether you’ve been stripping for years or just recently became an exotic dancer, you probably have at least one or…

7 Items Every Stripper Should Bring to Work

January 21, 2014

The babysitter finally shows up. You rush to work, walk in…and realize that you completely forgot half of the things that you need. Oops. Or maybe you just started working as an exotic dancer at our popular Woonsocket strip club and have no clue what the necessities are for a busy night of stripping, but…

Holiday-Themed Attire for Rhode Island Dancers

December 20, 2013

There’s no such thing as too much glitter, especially when the holidays roll around. Dazzle and delight your clients in shimmery, glimmery attire as you slowly grind to the beat of the season’s familiar melodies. Dressing in Christmas-inspired gear helps you get into the holiday mood and unleash the spirit of giving in the hearts…

Holiday-Inspired Dance List for Rhode Island Strippers

December 20, 2013

As Christmas approaches, you might be thinking about adding some holiday songs to your stripping routine. Combine classic hits with new melodies for a playlist that is fresh, fun, and flirty. Avoid songs that are overly depressing, opting instead for upbeat jams that will leave your audience feeling energized and happy as you perform on…

Rhode Island Dolls Signature Move

Tips for Creating a Signature Move

November 25, 2013

People who say that money doesn’t matter probably don’t have a mortgage payment that is due in a few days. Dancing for the RI Dolls is super fun, but you show up at the Woonsocket strip club for every shift because you want to earn plenty of cash. If you’ve already switched up the songs…

Career at Rhode Island Dolls

Discussing Your Career WIth Others

November 25, 2013

You seem them whispering as you walk out to your car, wondering where you are going at such an odd hour. You watch as they peek out from their curtains, questioning what type of job schedules you to work nights, weekends, and holidays. You worry that your children won’t be invited to birthday parties or…

Making Money at RI Dolls

Top Tips For RI Dolls Dancers to Increase Tips

October 16, 2013

Working as a stripper is fun, yes – but when it comes down to it, you’re not dancing just for fun. You’re dancing to get paid, and if you don’t get paid, you are basically just hanging out with the guests at the club all night for free. Time is money, and you can only…

Halloween props for Dancers at RI Dolls

Props for RI Dolls Dancers to Use with Halloween Costumes

October 16, 2013

With Halloween coming up, many people go out and buy costumes to have fun with. The same is true of the Rhode Island Dolls with them enjoying dressing up and playing with a variety of different props. Want to know what you may see and expect when you visit the RI Dolls for Halloween? FansWhen…