Making Better Tips Dancing at Rhode Island Dolls

How to Make Better Tips as a Dancer at Rhode Island Dolls ~ Woonsocket, RI

June 24, 2012

Being a dancer is hard work but it can be very rewarding. Not only can you have a great deal of fun as a dancer, but you can also make a good deal of money. If you are working in a well run gentleman’s club, then you most likely make good wages already. However, there…

Erotic Dancer at Ri Dolls

How to Know if Dancing in RI Dolls Gentleman’s Club is Right for You

June 24, 2012

The lure of exotic dancing is a strong one for many women. It is easy to understand why. For many women, exotic dancing is the perfect way to make the money that they need to survive. It could be money to pay rent, for college, or to take care of their family. For some women,…

Rhode Island Dolls Strip Club Dancer

10 Signs That RI Dolls is the Right Night Club to Work At

June 24, 2012

Working as a dancer in Rhode Island Dolls Gentleman’s club is a challenging thing. You provide a great fantasy experience for the men who come to see you dance, but you get all sorts of clients, and so you need to be up to the task of handling them all – the really nice ones,…

RI Dolls Stripper

10 Characteristics of a Dancer that Customers Come Back For

June 24, 2012

In order to make it as a dancer in Rhode Island Dolls, you need regular customers. It takes more than just being a beautiful girl who knows how to dance. Here are ten characteristics that will turn your customers into regulars. 1. Personality Customers will love a dancer who is charming and sweet but they…

Why Dancing at Rhode Island Dolls Night Club Is a “Real” Job

June 15, 2012

Many women decide to start dancing at a night club for a variety of reasons. For some women, it is the best way for them to get through school, as they are able to pay out of pocket and avoid loans. Other women are able to make up the difference in their financial aid in…