10 High Heat Songs For Valentines For RI Dolls Dancers’ Playlists

Let’s be honest – you’re not going to marry any of your customers. You don’t want to give them the wrong view of what they can expect from you or their experience when they go to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. But you can turn up the heat and inspire them to want to see more of your dancing and hear more of your sexy song choices.

Here’s some of the hottest songs you can put on your playlist to inspire a heated Valentine’s Day at the club:

  1. Nice and Slow – Usher: this song is a great choice for a starter song. It’s slow and sensual but it’s incredibly sexy and all about taking things nice and slow. And it’s the perfect song for anyone that likes to “get freaky,” because Usher knows how to freak you right!
  2. Sex on Fire – Kings of Leon: speed things up with this great sexy song. It’s got a great beat that gives you lots of opportunities to shake what ya got. When the guys in the room see you swiveling you hips to this great song, they are going to be lining up to be first to get a private dance with you.
  3. Sure Thing – Miguel: almost any song by Miguel could be on this list because let’s face it, the man is sex. But this song is so high heat that it might be illegal in some states! At the very least you can be sure that it is banned in some households in America! But not at RI Dolls!
  4. I’m On Fire – AWOLNATION: this spin on a classic Bruce Springsteen tune was made for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. If you have any women in your audience, they are sure to get worked up with memories from the movie and want to see more of you. But even for the guys, it will bring back some memories from their youth and when they see your sensual moves, they are going to want to take you back to their youthful days with them.
  5. Sax on The Beach – Party Pupils: if you want a song that lets you strut your stuff this is it. You’ll be able to show off your legs in high heels as your work the stage. Make sure you have a nice thong on and the guys will think that this song was written for you.
  6. Closer – Nine Inch Nails: Step out of your comfort zone with this song. It’s raw and downright dirty and all about primal lust. There is no way that any man in the room will be able to resist you when you look directly into his eyes while sliding down the pole as the lyrics of this song mesmerize him.
  7. Stay – Rihanna and Mikky Ekko: He’ll be thinking of his lost love when he hears this song and the girl he just couldn’t make it work with but you’ll be the one that benefits from it. It’s a great song to start or end a set with.
  8. Addicted to You – Esther G and JunkieMunki: that’s exactly what he’s going to be when he sees you dancing to this song. He’ll be addicted to you and he won’t be able to get enough of you and your dancing. There won’t be a man in the room that is not craving some private time with you.
  9. S&M – Rihanna: Get out the leather, whips and chains for this song. It’s got the beat that won’t stop and it’s full of desire and aching need. Every single man that sees you move your body to this great tune will wish that he could satisfy your desires.
  10. Good Kisser – Usher: Everyone loves a good kisser, don’t they? This song will make them stretch the imagination, wondering if you’re the good kisser that they’ve always dreamed of.

Song choice can set the mood so it is important to choose songs that get the room heated up. Whether it is Valentine’s Day, the weekend, or any other day of the week these songs will add some great vibes to your playlist. They will get the room worked up and if you can match your moves to the feelings of the song they will all wan to see more of you.
What are your favorite songs to dance to? Do they get the audience worked up? There are so many great songs to choose from!