10 Signs That RI Dolls is the Right Night Club to Work At

Rhode Island Dolls Strip Club DancerWorking as a dancer in Rhode Island Dolls Gentleman’s club is a challenging thing. You provide a great fantasy experience for the men who come to see you dance, but you get all sorts of clients, and so you need to be up to the task of handling them all – the really nice ones, and the occasionally grumpy ones!

You have to pay club fees to dance, share tips, and are not paid by the hour. You’re an independent contractor and so you have to take care of your own insurance. All of these challenges are made even worse if you happen to end up working in the wrong club.

Here are 10 signs that RI Dolls is the best club for you to work at…

1. It’s easy to get to.

You want a club that is easy for you to get to. Your commute should never leave you feeling worried that you aren’t safe. We’re conveniently located in the heart of Woonsocket, RI (see map)

2. You feel safe at work.

Nothing is worse than feeling like you aren’t safe while you’re working. Dancers can sometimes be vulnerable and it is vital that your club takes measures to ensure that you are safe. If you don’t feel like your club has your best interests in mind, it’s time to find another one.

3. You’re respected.

As a dancer, you’re an artist and you work hard. You should be treated with respect – from club owners, bouncers, and patrons. If you feel that no one in your club respects you, you’re at the wrong club.

4. Dancers stay there.

If there are dancers at your club who have been there for a long time, that is a good sign that you are at the right club. Dancers do not stay at clubs that treat them badly, so if they’re there for the long term, the club is a good one.

5. Good clientele.

Take a look at the kinds of customers that the club is attracting. Do they spend money? Are they respectful? Customers that are dressed well, act polite, and spend money are usually the ones that go to the best clubs. Don’t stay at a club where the customers are nightmares.

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6. There is friendly competition.

No matter what club you work in, there will be competition among the dancers. This helps everyone to be their best. You want a club you can have friendly competitions with the girls, not one where every dancer is your enemy.

7. You get along with the staff.

Getting along with the cocktail waitresses, bartenders, and bouncers goes a long way to making sure you’re at the right club. They can help you by sending customers your way or taking your side if needed. This way, you have someone you can trust watching your back.

8. You don’t feel pressured.

You should choose a club where you do not feel that you are pressured to do things dancers normally wouldn’t do. If you feel pressured to do sexual favors, you are in the wrong club.

9. The club has a good reputation.

Clubs have reputations and they earn these for a reason. If your club has a bad reputation, there is a reason, even if you are not aware of it. Always work for clubs with good reputations because these are the best ones.

10. The fees are affordable.

Are you making enough to cover the fees? Clubs charge a certain amount for dancing and many require you to share your tips with the other staff. If you can easily afford to do this, you are probably at the right club.

If you’d like to check out employment opportunities at Rhode Island Dolls, visit our Employment Application Form and also our growing library of Articles & Tips for our Dancers