10 Things RI Dolls Dancers Can Do In 2018 To Increase Income

We all know that the dancers at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket are doing a job and they expect to get paid. The amount a dancer at a gentlemen’s club can make really depends on how much she puts into it. If you don’t put much into it, you’ll still make money but it is nothing compare to what you can make if you’re invested in your job. Even it if it not a career and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can still do a few things that will make your income increase.

Want to see your income increase this year? Watch the big earners. Watch the women that have been dancing at strip clubs for awhile. If you imitate them, you’ll soon see why they are leaving work each night with big rolls of cash in their bags!

Here’s some hot tips to help you increase your income at RI Dolls in Woonsocket this year:

#1 Learn Some New Moves
The customers that come to watch you at RI Dolls know all the standard dance moves. They come to expect it. And honestly, they become sort of numb to them. If you want to get their attention, learn some new moves. How? Start by watching other dancers. Don’t blatantly steal their moves but think about how you can make those moves your own. Go to another club where you can watch dancers that you’ve never seen before. Going on vacation? Stop by a strip club while you’re there. You can also pick up great ideas for moves to use on the stage by watching movies featuring dancers. Movie about stripper are great but how about watching movies featuring other types of dancers, too? Many of the hottest and most erotic moves on gentlemen’s club’s stages originate with another type of dance – ballet, jazz, 30s and 40s and other dance styles can be extremely sexy!

#2 Ramp Up Your Workout
Be honest – how much are you working out? You might think that you don’t need to work out as much because you’re always dancing on the stage but different kinds of activity use different kinds of muscles. Why not try something new to ramp up your workout routine and build up some sexy new curves? Try boxing or swimming or biking or something that you’ve never done before. Not only will it get rid of your workout boredom but you’ll find that your body can change in some really sexy ways!

#3 Start Working With Weights
Seriously – there’s some major benefits to it. You might think that working with weights will add a lot of unfeminine muscles but that’s simply been proven to be untrue. Working with weights makes you stronger. As long as you’re not doing something crazy like popping steroids, your body will not become manly. But you will be able to do things that you never thought you body could do, like those amazing pole stunts that you might have seen other dancers to. If you’re not sure where to start, work with a trainer for a couple sessions. Tell him or her what you want to accomplish and they will help you develop a weight routine that will get your body on the right track.

#4 Try A New Look
If you’re always the femme fatale at the club, consider trying something more strong like a biker chick or the girl next door. Grow your hair long or cut it short or get a quality wig. Dye your hair one of those cool rainbow dyes so when you flip it around all the colors of the rainbow can be seen. Change up the way you do your makeup or get some cool new props. If you look the same every time customers come in to the bar they will know what to expect from you. If you change things up, they get excited and will want to see what else you’ve got going on that’s new.

#5 Work A Different Shift
Yes, consistency is nice and that is why most of us tend to work the same shifts all the time. But you don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t work a different shift once in a while. Different shifts mean different customers. Different customers mean you get exposed to a new source of income. So, pick up an afternoon shift once in awhile or if you usually work days try a late evening. See if you can attract some new followers.

The key to increasing your income is trying new things. What will you do differently at Rhode Island Dolls this year?