10 Traits of a Successful Rhode Island or Massachusetts Bachelor Party

Rhode Island and Massachusetts Bachelor PartyA bachelor party is a great time for friends to celebrate an upcoming marriage. A good bachelor party will be remembered for years and may be just what is needed to help a man get over his pre-marital jitters. Here are ten things you should keep in mind so that your bachelor party will be successful.

1. Pick the Venue Carefully – Pick RI Dolls

Where you hold a bachelor party has a lot to do with whether it will be successful. You don’t want people you don’t know to invite themselves. You also won’t want to bother other people. Choose Rhode Island Dolls.

2. Plan Transportation

Wherever you want to hold the bachelor party, make sure that transportation is not going to be something that everyone has to worry about. None of the men who attend the party should be driving so make sure that arrangements are made.

3. Keep it in Budget

Most likely you will have a budget for the party. Stick to that budget. It is very unfair to ask the attendees to pay more than they had planned for and you could end up with angry attendees. Even worse, they may refuse to come to the party.

4. Choose the Right Entertainment

Sometimes the groom has no say in how his bachelor party is going to go. This is a bad idea because the party could be one that he hates. Let the groom’s interest decide on the entertainment. If he hates sports, then keep them out of the party. If he loves cards, have a poker tournament.

5. Be Considerate of His Wife-to-be

One of the very last things most men planning a bachelor party think about is what the wife-to-be might think. However, men who are planning to be married do not want their wives to find out later that something happened at their bachelor party that is a deal breaker. Try to take her concerns into account and don’t pressure the groom into anything that he fears could jeopardize his relationship.

6. Don’t Be a Downer

We’ve all been to parties where one person is spending their time complaining and making everyone else depressed. Don’t be that guy. Your buddy is getting married. Be happy and stop thinking about how you’re losing your partner in crime, best friend, or whatever other fear you have.

7. Plenty of Alcohol

Most men who have a bachelor party drink and enjoy drinking with their friends. An open bar is one of the best things you can do to have a great bachelor party. The best man is in charge of making sure there’s plenty for everyone. If anyone doesn’t drink, make sure that there’s something for them. Nothing is worse than not having anything enjoyable to drink at a party.

8. Live Entertainment

RI Dolls has the most glamorous entertainers in the region. They love to party and will make your bachelor party a night to remember. What happens at RI Dolls stays at RI Dolls!

9. Have Videos

Sometimes, having a bunch of rather naughty videos is an excellent addition to a bachelor party. Of course with our RI Dolls present, you can have live action, so the videos might be a waste…

10. Good Food

You need good food and you need it all night long. This doesn’t mean snacks all night. You need to make sure everyone has good meals, snacks, and that the food never runs out. The food at Rhode Island Dolls is amazing – so no worries on that score!