15 Tips for New Dancers at Rhode Island Dolls

15-tips-for-new-dancersIf you have just found out that you got a job dancing at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket and this is your first dancing gig, you might wonder about some of the tricks that strippers use. Eventually, you’ll learn them on your own or one of the other dancers will share them with you but why not start your new job off right – knowing these cool tips that will help you get started on the right foot.

Come Ready to Work

One of the first things you should know is that you should come to work with your makeup on. Most of it anyway. You might want to add some dramatic touches after you get there but don’t show up looking like you just crawled out of bed. The clientele like to see pretty girls and if you have your makeup on already, you’ll be that much more appealing.

Footcare Matters

Get used to taking care of your feet. When you’re on the stage, you’re feet are at eye level for the men that are sitting around the stage and they will notice if you look like you just came to work from hanging out at the beach. Get a pedicure and use moisturizer. But if you have calluses on the bottoms of your feet, don’t scrape those off. They will prevent your feet from getting blisters. Plus, no one sees the bottom of your feet anyway!

Deodorant – Tricky But Still Necessary

Here’s the thing with deodorant – if you wear it on stage, the black lights are going to make it look funny. Seriously, you’ll have glowing pits and not in a good way. So this is what you need to do – shower before you go to work, put your deodorant on as usual, then take it off before you go on stage. You’ll still smell good but you won’t glow in the dark!

Antibacterial soap is a good thing to use, too. Not only will it keep you clean but it also kills bacteria and you won’t need deodorant as much.

Learn from the Movies

Watch movies to get a feel for how sexy women movie. Striptease and Showgirls are two obvious movies to watch. But there are others. From Dusk till Dawn has great scenes with Salma Hayek. Sin City features the beautiful Jessica Alba as a stripper. Natalie Portman was mind blowing in Closer (and she won her first Golden Globe for that role). And if you’ve never seen Jennifer Beals in Flashdance you absolutely have to see it. Not only does she dance on stage but her character wants to be a professional dancer and you can learn a lot about moving by watching her.

Oh, and porn. Ya, watch some of that, too. Although there’s not a lot of dancing you can see how people move when they have sex and you can watch for facial expressions. Learn to emulate though moves and looks and you will have the guys eating from your hand. And throwing money at you, too!

Go Commando

Yep, that’s right – on days you have to work, ditch the bra and the undies. They leave elastic marks that just are not attractive when you’re on the stage. Workout clothes are perfect for those work days when you want to feel protected but skip the underwear.

Baby Wipes & Neosporin

You wouldn’t normally know this but toilet paper leaves tiny little bits of paper behind after you use it. Not a big deal for most people but it is a huge deal to a dancer at a club like RI Dolls when she’s up there on the stage doing all sorts of acrobatic moves that include spreading your legs and the people in front of the stage are laughing because under the black light those tiny little bits of toilet paper are now glowing. Ugh. Too many dancers have learned about this the hard way. Carry baby wipes and use them when you go to the bathroom instead of toilet paper.

Speaking of the skin between your legs – there’s nothing worse than those bumpy things that form after you’ve shaved. If you have sensitive skin, after you shave use Neosporin on your inner thighs. It will help prevent that breakout look. Wipe it off before you go to work of course.

Rubbing Alcohol and Witch Hazel

These are two more things that you should start carrying with you. You’re going to want to use the rubbing alcohol after your stage routine. Your moves likely include rolling on the floor to some extent. You might also have dollar bills in your g-string or bra. That money is dirty – not bad but dirty as in unclean. And so is the floor. Dirt causes breakouts. Since you likely don’t have time to shower before you get out on the floor you can use alcohol wipe to get rid of dirt and residue as soon as possible. It’s too harsh for your face though so use witch hazel on your face and neck.