4 Reasons to have GIRLS Night Out at RI Dolls

RI Dolls - Girls Night OutGirls have to have fun! One of the funnest things for a girl to do is to hit the town with her best friends for a night of chatting, good food, and fun. There are many places that a group of girl friends can go to have some great fun on a girls’ night out. If you and your friends are having a hard week, then a night out at RI Dolls may be exactly what you need! You can come to enjoy a special, the dancers, the food, or just because you don’t want to deal with anyone asking for your number. Here are four great reasons to have your Girls’ Night Out at RI Dolls.


RI Dolls has some of the best food that you can find. Our award winning menu is not only delicious, it’s also very affordable and you are sure to find something that you love. If you’re trying to watch your weight, then you may enjoy one of our great salads or a great sandwich. If you and your friends are out for a night on the town and need something a bit more feeling, then you can try one of our dinners such as grilled shrimp or chicken. You could also just enjoy some of our appetizers, such as a ten inch personal pizza, jumbo shrimp, nachos, or a few cheese quesadillas. With the great prices, you’ll have plenty of money left over for anything you want later.


What girls night out is complete without a few drinks? At RI Dolls, you’ll find great drinks at great prices, just the thing you need for making your girls night out one that you’ll never forget. You can enjoy champagne, wine and beer as well as mixed drinks. If you decide to come in the early evening during the week, then you can take advantage of some of our great weekly specials. The specials change depending on the day, for example, Wednesdays you can pay half price for bottle service while on Mondays you can pay just $1 for draft beer.


So at RI Dolls you can get great food and drinks but what else do you have? Safety. Many women and their friends head to a gentleman’s club like RI Dolls for their evenings out because they don’t run into the same troubles that they do in a regular bar or sometimes a regular restaurant. Men who are at the club are there to see the dancers, so you don’t have to worry about guys trying to pick you up all the time. You know that your drinks and your food are both completely safe. If there is a problem, it’s easy to find someone who will take care of it for you. This means you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the atmosphere and your evening with none of the worry.


Many of the women who come for a girls night out at RI dolls enjoy watching the dancers. It’s fun and it’s relaxing. When the dancers are taking a break, you can talk to them and sometimes they will just stop by your table to say hi. The dancers are very friendly and won’t mind answering any questions you have. You could ask about dancing at the club yourself for example. You can ask for tips about hair or make up or even ask for advice about dancing for the man in your life.

A girls night out at RI Dolls is sure to be something that you and your girl friends will remember for years to come. The atmosphere is fun, relaxing, and you can get the experience of eating at an amazing restaurant without the same costs. At the same time, you can enjoy watching the dancers and know that you’re safe. Whether you stop by in the early evening or late at night you’re sure to enjoy yourself.