Lap Dance Moves to Make Any Man Melt

Lap Dance TipsAs a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls, you will probably be asked to perform lap dances. This is common with any place where you may perform exotic dancing. While you can choose not to do lap dances, it is one of the best and easiest ways to not only make the kind of money you’re looking for, but also to make a name for yourself at the gentleman’s club. You see, if you are one of the customers’ favorite dancers and have made a name for yourself, then you will have an easier time every single time you come to work. This is because you’ll have regular and steady customers who simply cannot wait to see you.

But it is important to note that you will not be able to just magically become a favorite among the regulars who come to Rhode Island Dolls. Like with any other job, exotic dancing requires that you work and prove that you are the best. Lap dances are one way to do that and these moves will help you melt any man who comes into the club and quickly become one of the most loved dancers at the club. These moves will work at any time and with any man, so its not just the customers you can use these moves on – you can use them to spice up your own private life too!

The Circle Grind

With this move, it is important that you stay upright and have your back arched at all times. Stand with your toes turned out, feet a little wider than your hips, and about two feet away from the man you’re dancing for. Draw a circle with your hips, always remembering to arch your back, and continue doing so while you grind down as far as it’s comfortable for you to go and then back up again.

Turn Around

When you’re performing a lap dance, you want to show off all of your very best assets. This means that you should turn around every so often. It is best if you turn slowly and turn in whatever direction it is easiest and most natural for you to turn in. If you find it easier to turn left while you practice, then turn left when you’re dancing! This avoids any awkward movements (those will be noticed) and makes it easier to dance. Using small steps, try to simply blend the turn into your dance. All the while you should move your arms, circle your hips, and look at your partner.

Tickle and Slap

This move is one that is always sure to get a reaction. With your legs straight, turn around so your back is to your partner, look over your shoulder, and either slap or stroke your bottom. You could also slowly open your legs, bending over to show off your rear end, and then bend one knee to the side while you straighten the other leg. Slowly slide your hand up the straightened leg while peeking at him over your shoulder and smack your bottom. Do it again on the other side.

Grinding Lap Dance

Dancing yourself in between his open legs, stand with your back to him. Make sure your feet are together and that you’re as close to his chair as you can get. Bend at the knees, and put your hands on his knees with your back straight. Lower your bottom onto his lap until you can just feel him and hold his knees for balance while you either move your hips back and forth or in a circle. If you are able to, look over your shoulder at him – just make sure you don’t accidentally hurt him!

Breast Stroke

This move is easier. Stand with legs straight between his knees, lean forward and put your hands on the chair, and push your breasts towards his face. You can stroke his nose with your breasts if you want but remember to always move provocatively.

Stroking the Knees

This can be done two ways. Stand close to the chair and place your knees between his crotch and the chair edge and put slight pressure on his groin while leaning over to blow in his ear or across his face – blow gently! Or you can stand up and place your knees over one of his and rub along his thigh, up and down. He’ll love it.

Body Slide

Again standing between his thighs, lean over and grab the chair back for support while putting a knee on each of his thighs. Lift your torso up, slide your knees in front of his crotch, and the slowly slide all the way down until you’re kneeling in front of him on the floor. To get up, simply use his knees for support and raise your rear up – finish with a flick of your hair as you raise the rest of your body.

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