Woonsocket Restaurant – Enjoy a Great Meal at the Rhode Island Dolls Gentleman’s Club

Woonsocket Rhode Island RestaurantMany people think that a gentleman’s club is good for two things – strippers and drinking. But the chances are that these people have never been to Rhode Island Dolls strip club before because if they had they would know that there are other things to go there for. The food is one of those things.

Rhode Island Dolls has developed reputations for having an amazing menu with award winning food choices. You’re not just going for a burger and fries (although the ½ pound Angus burger is amazing and the “Dolls Pounder” is sure to satisfy even the biggest of appetites with its full pound of Angus beef and loads of toppings) – you get some seriously tasty choices on the RI Dolls menu!

Lunch at Rhode Island Dolls

If you are in town on business you have to eat out somewhere so why not stop by for lunch? You’ll get great entertainment and company from the beautiful Rhode Island Dolls dancers but you can choose from a nice array of lunch food, too.

If you love Clubhouse sandwiches, you will have to choose from the four Rhode Island Dolls creations – a traditional grilled chicken club, a grilled turkey club, a grilled 3 cheese club, or a panko chicken cutlet club. They all have the basics of a clubhouse sandwich but you also get your choice of regular mayo or goldrush or chipotle mayo or even the zesty horseradish sauce. And they are all served on the amazing sourdough bread that makes these sandwiches out of this world.

Some of the other delicious lunch fare includes a Chicken Parm Panini, a Steak and Cheese, and BBQ Pulled Pork. And all of the lunch fair comes with the RI Dolls special skin on fries. You can substitute the fries for salad, rice pilaf or veggies or even for the special beer battered onion rings or sweet potato fries (there is a small charge for these substitutions).

Dinner at Rhode Island Dolls

Don’t forget that RI Dolls is ready to entertain you and feed you for dinner, too. Of course, in the evening you will find a whole new set of dancers that are ready to make you smile. How about a private dance as an appetizer before dinner? I’ll bet that will give you an appetite for one of the RI Dolls amazing meals.

Dinner is both affordable and delicious and nothing less than amazing. The menu is small but there is something for everyone. If you are a steak man you can’t miss out on the 8 oz filet mignon cooked to your specification and served with a two side dishes. You get to choose from salad, rice pilaf, veggies, regular fries, or sweet potato fries, so you get your meal pretty much just the way you want it. If you want a little bit more variety try the surf and turf – with the same choices of two sides and jumbo grilled shrimp and steak you will be glad that after eating that awesome meal you have nothing to do but sit back and enjoy watching the dancers.

Other meals include grilled chicken, jumbo gulf shrimp, and BBQ pulled pork.

Appetizers at Rhode Island Dolls

Appetizers aren’t’ just for the beginning of the meal anymore. You can have appetizers at any time of the day or evening that the kitchen is open. They can be a light meal or they can be great for sharing with a couple of buddies before you go out to dinner. Or maybe it’s been a long night and you’re ready to eat some more.

Any time you are ready for something a little lighter than a meal, check out the great appetizers on the Rhode Island Dolls menu. Chicken fingers, beer battered onion rings, a variety of French fries, or delicious quesadillas – these are just some of the great options you can choose from.

And don’t forget the pizzas! Delicious thin crust pizzas can be a meal in themselves or a great appetizer when shared with a friend. Go for something traditional like the pepperoni or the cheese pizza or try something unique like the BBQ chicken or buffalo steak!

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