Advice for Those Auditioning at RI Dolls

Dance Audition at RI DollsThere are different reasons that bring potential strippers to our gentlemanˈs club. Maybe your friends joke that working as an exotic dancer is the best way to make ends meet, and youˈre starting to think that theyˈre right. Perhaps your partner thinks that youˈve got what it takes to work at a Woonsocket strip club. Boredom with an office job or the need for a creative outlet are other reasons that dancers find themselves wondering about how to audition to become one of the Rhode Island Dolls. Regardless of what makes you want to dance, you need to nail your audition.

Get to Know the Club

Residents of Rhode Island love coming to watch the RI Dolls dance. Grab a few friends and hang out any day of the week, morning or night. Watch the way each stripper moves across the stage, and pay attention to how much – or little – is revealed during a set. You don’t want to steal another dancer’s routine for your audition, but familiarizing yourself with acceptable moves and the club’s general atmosphere will help ease pre-audition jitters.

Look Cute

It’s common knowledge that the Rhode Island Dolls are super hot. If you want to be one of them, you need to look the part. Yes, an awesome dance set is important, but so is a beautiful face and a banginˈ body. Do a few extra crunches and squats the week before your audition, and make sure to show up performance-ready with your hair and makeup done.

Be Polite

Nobody wants to dance with a diva, even if you’re the hottest chick in town. If you want to become an exotic dancer, you need a personality that complements your body, not draws attention away from it. Be kind to everybody that you encounter in the club, even if you notice another dancer giving you the evil eye. Most folks are pretty friendly at the club, and youˈll make an excellent first impression by arriving on time and thanking the manager for taking the time to watch you dance.

Arrive Prepared

If you wow the owner, you might land a position dancing for the Rhode Island Dolls. Bring your Social Security card and driver’s license just in case. It’s also a good idea to have a pen with you in case you need to sign any forms or fill out paperwork. Make sure that you have cute heels, a thong, and pasties in your garment bag. Outfits are typically not provided during an audition.

Follow the Rules

Now is not the time to get creative. Remember, we talked about not being a diva, and that also applies to honoring the establishment’s guidelines as you dance. Local laws prohibit dancers from doing certain things in a strip club, and a manager will probably explain this to you before you begin gyrating across the stage. Stick to slow, simple moves and avoid anything too trendy. You can get crazy after you’re hired if the manager allows it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Wear your heels a few days before your audition to get used to the way they feel as you dance. This will hopefully prevent you from toppling over in the middle of your routine. Practice all of your moves in advance, no matter how awesome you think you are. Dancing in front of other people is a lot different than dancing in front of your bedroom mirror, so you need to make sure that you are confident in your skills before you request an audition to become a RI Doll.

Master the Details

There are little things that you might not think about before you head to the club. Most of us donˈt spend our free time having dollar bills shoved through a garter, but youˈll need to know how to hold on to your cash if you want to dance. Practice alone, or have a friend or loved one hand you bills. By the time the audition rolls around, you’ll be totally ready for any surprise tips that might land your way.


A stiff dancer is not a sexy dancer. Get plenty of sleep the night before your audition, and make sure to eat a healthy breakfast or lunch before you come in to perform your set. Remind yourself that you are talented and beautiful, and do your very best on the stage. There’s definitely an opportunity for you to join the Rhode Island Dolls if you are able to stay calm and show the club your moves. You’ve got this, girl!

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