Take it Slow RI Dolls Dancers!

Dancer at Rhode Island DollsThere’s a time and a place for every dance move, but booty popping shouldn’t make up the majority of your dance routine. A slow, sensual set builds up anticipation and keeps your customers coming back for more of your alluring style. Taking it slow can be hard when you’re having so much fun working with the RI Dolls, but you can learn to do it with a bit of practice.


It’s easy to lose yourself in the music when you’re an exotic dancer, and gliding across the stage is much easier when you’re into a song. Just make sure that you don’t lose yourself completely, especially if the club is playing an upbeat song or something with a lot of bass. Focus on your moves and remember that the audience can’t wait to see all that you have to offer.

Switch it up

If you’ve been doing the same routine for as long as you can remember, you might be subconsciously speeding things up in an effort to get your set done as quickly as possible. Try incorporating some new arm movements or leg flexes as you dance with the Rhode Island Dolls, and ask about requesting some unique songs to spice things up.

Ignore the Chorus

When you listen to a song, the vocals and the chorus usually stand out. Block the main parts out when you’re dancing at the gentleman’s club in Woonsocket and try dancing to the subtle beats that compose the rest of the song. Keep the slower beat in mind as you move to avoid bending and shaking too quickly.

Pose, Don’t Dance

Many experienced strip club dancers will agree that stripping is more about posing than performing. No, this isn’t a photo shoot, but it isn’t a ballet recital either. Move slowly and pose every few seconds to give the audience a chance to enjoy your tight calves, perky breasts, and toned midsection. Use props, such as a chair, to slow things down. Don’t neglect your pole when you perform, and imagine that you are posing beside the pole while the audience watches.

Watch Yourself

It’s pretty much impossible for the RI Dolls to know how they look on stage without practicing in front of a mirror. Check out your dance routine, step by step, before you make your way on stage. Watch for the signs that tend to occur when you try to speed things up, and make a mental note of them. Do you always want to shake your bottom after twisting your arms? Does kicking your left leg make you want to shimmy and shake like a hip hop dancer? Knowing what triggers your need for speed will help you slow your body movements down when you’re dancing for a crowd.

Clear Your Mind

Sometimes there’s no way that a stripper can dance slowly and sensually unless she clears her mind completely. If you’re worried about school or your love life, it’s going to be difficult to give the audience what they want. Talk to a friend about your problems before you go on stage, or take a few minutes to journal out your thoughts. Make a list of all your worries before you head to the club and then rip the list to shreds. It can be very therapeutic to have an outlet for the stressors in your life.

Leave Your Man at Home

When your man comes to the club, it can be very exciting or very nerve-wracking. No matter how you feel about having him there, consider leaving him at home for a night to see how it affects your stripping routine. If he loves coming to see the Rhode Island Dolls and doesn’t want to stay home, talk to him about sitting off to the side of the stage or grabbing a bite to eat during your set.

Posture Matters

Stand up straight as you dance. It’s easy to break into a rump shaking routine when you’re hunched over, and keeping your posture in check will help prevent you from twisting and grinding too quickly. Point your toes and pretend that there is a tiny string that connects your hair to the ceiling. It might sound silly, but many RI Dolls swear by similar tricks.

No Pressure

Donˈt put too much pressure on yourself to dance slowly. Worrying about your performance will only increase your speed, especially if you’re super nervous about how you’re doing. Keep your thoughts positive and enjoy your routine. Nothing beats working with the Rhode Island Dolls.

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