Beauty Tips for Strippers at Rhode Island Dolls

When you’re wiggling your hips in nothing but a G-string, a dimly lit room isn’t always forgiving.  People are always going on about how less is more, but this is the strip club, not yoga class.  There’s a reason you were offered a gig as a dancer, and part of that reason is because you’re totally gorgeous.  Take good care of your face and body, and feel free to pile on the cosmetics to get the look that you want.

 Wash Up

Repeat after me:  “I promise – and my fingers are NOT crossed behind my back – to wash my face after every night of dancing”.  Don’t sleep in your makeup.  It’s tempting after a long night at the club, but just don’t do it.  It’s a heck of a lot cheaper to spend your tips on makeup remover than it is to shell out a bunch of cash for facials and dermatological treatments to clear up your blemished skin.    

Scrub a Dub Dub

A skin-softening body wash is not enough to leave your body silky smooth, especially if you strip full time.  Have you looked at your feet lately?  Seductively gliding across the floor in stilettos isn’t something that most feet enjoy, and your arms and legs can also get pretty dry after being at the gentlemen’s club all night. Use an exfoliating scrub to gently buff away dry, flaky skin from your feet, face, and body.  Finish with a light – keyword here being “light” – moisturizer.  You don’t want to be that girl who leaves the pole all greasy for the next stripper.  

Prep and Prime

Smearing a bunch of foundation and concealer on your face without prepping your skin first doesn’t always end well.  Start by applying a bit of facial moisturizer, even if your skin is naturally oily.  Don’t forget to hydrate the delicate skin around your pretty peepers, as well as your neck and décolletage.

When your skin is moisturized, it’s time to apply some primer.  Primer fills cracks and crevices, allowing your makeup to glide on easily.  It also helps your makeup stay on your face longer, even during a busy night of dancing with the RI Dolls at your Woonsocket strip club.      

Bring Your A-Game

No matter how old – or young – that you are, it’s never too early to start fighting the signs of aging.  Antioxidants, anti-aging formulas, and anti-wrinkle creams will quickly become your BFFs, especially if you’ve been slacking in the dietary department lately. Stripping is hard on your body, and you are exposed to all kinds of germs from the crowded club during a typical shift.  Take plenty of antioxidant-rich vitamins, drink water like crazy, and try your best to stick to a set sleep schedule.   

Be True to You

You’ve got style, girl, and everybody knows it.  There are clients who come to see all of the dancers, and then there are clients who come just to see your pretty face.  Some strippers can pull of the gothic look with ease, while others fit nicely into the girl-next-door role.  Figure out who you are – or who you want to be – and make sure that your makeup reflects that.  A smoky cat eye looks good on nearly everybody, as does a nude lipstick or a lash-thickening mascara.

Make it Last

You can store your makeup bag in your locker, but there might be times when you don’t get a chance to reapply your lip gloss or eyeliner before the next set. Solve this problem by stocking up on makeup adorned with words and phrases like “long lasting”, “24-hour coverage”, “waterproof”, and “water-resistant formula”. You can also spritz a makeup setting spray on your face or dust your facial region with a translucent powder.  

Get Creative

Makeup isn’t just for your face.  Swish a plush brush filled with bronzing powder across your breasts, or use a thick concealer to cover up that I-can’t-believe-I-dated-him reminder that is permanently tattooed on your upper thigh.  Do whatever it takes to boost your confidence so that you can have a blast – and earn lots of cash – dancing for the Rhode Island Dolls.