3 Types Of Sexy Stripper Dance-wear You Need In Your Wardrobe

stripper-dancewearAs a Rhode Island Dolls dancer, it’s important that you always look your best. When you make a good first impression with your paying customers, then you can expect a higher income and a successful career. The clothes you wear and the way you present yourself are the most important things about providing a great first impression. These things are also the gateway of being a popular stripper at RI Dolls.

In a nutshell, your appearance is everything. In order to make yourself stand out from the other strippers, in a good way, you’ll need the perfect wardrobe. Keep reading to learn the 3 types of sexy stripper dance-wear you should have in your wardrobe when you’re an erotic dancer at RI Dolls:

1. Lingerie

Clothing that includes corsets, teddies, garters, body stockings, and hosiery are considered to be lingerie. Think Victoria’s Secret and Fredrick’s of Hollywood styles when shopping for lingerie to add to your sexy stripper wardrobe. While some lingerie is meant to be kept behind closed doors, you can find some really cute things that are perfect for your shift at RI Dolls.

Look for complete sets, like a pretty white corset with attached garters that can hold a pair of white fishnet stockings, with a white thong. All you need to do is slip on a pair of white stiletto shoes and you’ve got one sexy stripper outfit. If you are looking for something a little more eye-catching, then switch out the white panties and shoes for something in hot pink.

2. Formal Gown

While a formal gown is the most expensive type of sexy stripper clothing, it is often considered to be the most tastefully and sexually alluring type of outfit you can wear at Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club. In fact, most elite clubs require their erotic dancers to wear gowns because it helps to pull off that classy look that a gentleman’s club strives for.

Don’t misunderstand. A formal gown doesn’t have to be boring and old-lady-like. Today’s formal gowns feature plunging necklines, mile-high thigh slits, and are made of curve-hugging material. You can find formal gowns loaded with bling, or ones that are simply elegant. They also come in bright colors, some that even glow in blacklight, and darker colors that will make you look and feel slimmer. The key is to find a gown that accentuates your best features and makes you look amazing.

3. Traditional Dance-wear

Don’t diss traditional dance-wear and costumes when looking to complete your stripper wardrobe. Turn on any dance TV show and you’ll quickly see that most of the woman’s costumes are skimpy and sexy—perfect for the stage at RI Dolls. These revealing costumes can also be more affordable than the costumes you’ll find at adult clothing stores.

When shopping for traditional dance-wear, look for outfits with short skirts, bikini tops, halter-tops, and little booty shorts. These costumes are made with all different kinds of materials, so you can find something that feels good against your skin. You’ll see traditional dance-wear made of cotton, polyester, and spandex. The best thing about wearing traditional dance-wear is that it’s made to move freely while you dance, and it’s easy to take off and put back on.

Finding the right exotic dance wardrobe is a lot of fun! Try on a bunch of different styles and shapes because you may be surprised at what type of dance-wear flatters your body the most. Play up your greatest assets, and play down the parts of your body you don’t like as much. For example, if you’ve got a killer rack, then buy some outfits with a daringly low neckline. If you have a great ass, then wear mini skirts and Daisy Duke shorts.

Remember, it’s all about making a good first impression, so be daring and show the customers at the club what you’ve got! A smart and successful RI Dolls stripper knows that the right wardrobe is a profitable tool in her entertainment tool box, and with the right costumes, her customers will come back for her again and again.

You can purchase any of these 3 types of sexy stripper dance-wear online or in specialty shops around the world. So go ahead, mix it up and purchase some outfits that fall into the categories above. You may be surprised at how great you look, and you’ll be even more surprised at how much more money you’ll make when you pay attention to your appearance.