What’s the Deal with Tipping at Gentleman’s Clubs Like RI Dolls?

Tipping can be confusing – who exactly are you supposed to tip? Especially at a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket? If you have never been to a gentleman’s club before or you just don’t have much experience at it you might not be sure about when tipping is expected. You come in and you see some guys tip for one thing but not for another? What should you tip for exactly if you want to have the ultimate experiences at a strip club and what is the benefit to you?

Benefits of Tipping

The main thing you should know is that tipping, although not a requirement, will make your experience better. The thing is that when you tip, you’ll get better attention – from everyone. If you want a cheap experience and entertainment, a gentleman’s club is not likely the right form of entertainment for you. Download a movie or join a membership site if you’re looking for a one-time payment option. Want something more personal? Head to a strip club and be prepared to pay for the personal experience.

On the Main Stage

Most strip clubs have several stages, one of which is the central main stage. There might be a counter surrounding it to make it easy for customers to watch the action while enjoying a few drinks or there may be tables set up close to the stage. Dancers usually perform one or two at a time and the sets are often longer. Tipping is encouraged and when you tip, you’ll notice that the dancers are that much more attentive to you.

When you put a bill out on the stage, the dancer will approach you. Depending on the size of the tip, she might get closer; give you a special view, or a special smile. She’ll let you put the tip in her garter. The more often you tip, the more often she’ll approach you. If you’re not going to tip and it’s crowded, move back a bit and let a tipper have the main spot so the dancer can earn more money.

Other Stages

Some clubs have smaller stages throughout the club. They might not have the seating around them but you can get special attention from the dancers by tipping them, too. They generally have one girl on them and that one dancer usually has more time to give you individualized attention. Tip her nicely and she’ll be your dream girl. Keep tipping her and she might come see you later for a chat and an offer of a private dance!

Lap Dances

Lap dances are one of the best things about gentleman’s clubs. There are beautiful women all over the place and chances are you’ll want individual attention from one of them. If you pay the price for a lap dance, you’ll definitely get that. But if you tip her several times throughout the dance, it will be even more amazing. She’ll go out of her way to make sure that your dance is extra amazing. You can get a standard lap dance that everyone else gets or she can pull out her special moves that she uses for customers that tip well. And trust me, dancers have special moves. Remember that she’s in control though. You don’t touch. Ever. Enjoy what she is able and willing to give though and you’ll have a dance you will never forget if you tip her well.

VIP Rooms

These rooms are really awesome. They aren’t for everyone and you should be expected to pay for the privilege. The dancers that take care of the VIP rooms are usually the best. They are the ones with the best experience. They are the ones that know how to keep customers happy. And if you have a favorite dancer at Rhode Island Dolls and want the VIP Room experience, you can often request her for the room if she’s working that night. But if she’s in the VIP room giving you all of her attention that means that she can’t be on the stage or offering private lap dances to customers, so you’d better make sure that it is worth her while. Tip her well, and she’ll be eager to work your room again in the future. Be stingy and she’ll avoid it.


Most gentlemen’s clubs also have a bar. That means you get a bartender and a waitress to serve you. When someone brings your drinks or meals to your table, remember that she lives on her tips, too. Show your appreciation for them by tipping. But remember, waitresses are not usually dancers. So, be appropriate. A little flirting is fine and likely expected but don’t expect them to get naked for you and don’t harass them. Bartenders should also be tipped if you’re sitting at the bar or getting bar service.