My Wife Likes RI Dolls Better than Male Dancers!

A year or so ago my wife and I decided that we should start trying to do new things. You know, to spice up our life a little bit. Our kids had all moved out of the house and were settled in college or their new lives and things in our life had just gotten a little…stale.

We took a trip to Mexico (neither of us are big travelers). We joined a wine tasting club. We took up roller blading. And then, my crazy wife suggested that we should go to a strip club. Now, I’ve been to strip clubs before and some of them are pretty wild. I wasn’t sure if my sweet wife could handle that. She suggested that we try both a male strip club and a female strip club. I’m pretty secure in my masculinity so I agreed.

We went to the male strip club first. We didn’t last an hour. My wife did not like the way that the guys tried to get all up in her face. It was just too much. She was hesitant about going to the female strip club after that but I promised her that I would find somewhere classy to go to.

And I knew just the place. A year or so before that, my buddies had taken me to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It was a great place. Classy décor, classy girls, and the rest of the staff was pretty great, too. I was sure that my wife would love the place.

So, I planned the whole night out. I figured we’d go early so that there wouldn’t be a lot of other people there. We could enjoy a nice meal first, too. I actually went all out and got VIP bottle service so that we could sit in the VIP area and enjoy some truly premium drinks. We ordered several appetizers to enjoy as a meal and had a feast.

Finally, I took her down to the stages. After her experience at the male strip club she was a little hesitant to get very close to the stage but I convinced her that it would be fine. And it was. The dancer on stage seemed to know my wife was a little nervous. When I saw my wife relax, I handed her a handful of bills and told her to use them when she was ready. When she held out that first bill, the dancer approached and let her put in in her garter belt. She didn’t get too close and she gave my wife a friendly smile.

Afterwards, the dancer approached us and talked mostly with my wife for a few minutes. Finally, she asked my wife if she’d like a dance. My wife looked a little concerned but the dancer told her that she’d give her a sample there at our table so my wife agreed.

After that, my wife was completely assured that no one was going to get in her face or pressure her. She even agreed to a private dance later in the night.

We had some more drinks and talked with more of the dancers.

When we came home my wife was in a very good mood. She said she was surprised at how much fun she had and that she wasn’t uncomfortable at all being around all those naked women. She actually thought that they were way more sexy than the male strippers we’d seen. We had a very good time at home that night too – if you know what I mean!

So, yes, my wife has decided that she likes the female dancers at the Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club much more than she likes male dancers. She even said that she would like to go again sometime. And she’d actually thinking of taking a pole dancing class so that she can learn to move like those dancers! Now that is interesting. I’m wondering if I might have some personal private dances of my own in the future?

I have to say that our “empty nest” years are pretty amazing so far. My wife used to be kind of quiet and reserved and she was always busy doing something for the kids or with the kids. Now, she has time to relax. She’s enjoying meeting new people and trying new things. It kind of makes me wonder what is next? She certainly is trying things that she never would have even considered in the past!