It’s Sure to Be a Night to Remember: Celebrating Love at RI Doll’s 7th Anniversary Party

7th-anniversary-partyMan, I couldn’t be more excited about planning my best friend’s bachelor’s party.

After seven months of dating his girl, he’s tying the knot on May 21st, and of course, the future Mrs. needs him the day before the wedding, so we’re planning the party for May 19. And, the timing couldn’t be better: RI Dolls is having their 7th anniversary party.

I’ve been there a few times before. Okay, perhaps more than a few. I love a good night out, and RI Dolls always has great food, cold beers, and amazing entertainment. I love their “Dolls Pounder” burger, but my friends prefer the steak. I brought a girl there not long ago, and although the relationship didn’t last – nothing to do with taking her to a gentleman’s club, she actually enjoyed herself quite a bit – and she was a big fan of their Caesar salad. And, of course, there’s some salads in there that I’d love to toss. Not that they’d ever allow that, but the thought still crosses my mind.

Anyway, back to the party. I’m a college student, so my budget is a little tight. When Joe asked me to be his best man, I wasn’t sure how I could possibly afford to throw him a good party. But, we’ve known each other since we were kids, and I really wanted to do something special for him. And then I found out about RI’s well-timed anniversary party. It’s perfect; they’re both celebrating their lucky sevens.

The girls at RI Dolls are some of the most beautiful and professional that I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been around. The club is a classy one; it doesn’t so much feel like a strip club, instead, it’s more like watching a well-orchestrated show. The lighting is perfect; it accentuates the girls’ assets beautifully, but without taking focus off of the dancing. The music is always my jam, with an excellent mix varying from Def Leppard to Brittany Spears. And, the dancing. Oh, the dancing. These girls know their job well. They are always perfectly dressed…at least at first. They’re in control. And, they manage to move their bodies in just the right way, so I can’t take my eyes off them.

I know Joe will love these girls. But, not as much as I’ll love saving money. See, for the anniversary party, RI Dolls is providing free food, free drinks, shots, and is having specials on the dances. There’s just a few of us, but we’re getting a VIP room, so we can all enjoy some personal attention. They have a number of packages available for bachelor’s parties, but thankfully, with the anniversary gig, they were able to help me save a ton.

I’m sure we’ll get some of their famous lap dances. I remember a time not too long ago, when I was feeling pretty down. My girl had just broken up with me, and I’d been laid off from my job, which turned out to be for the best, since it pushed me to go back to school. But, anyway, I was feeling pretty blue that night. Anyway, I decided to treat myself to see if it would cheer me up. You’d think a gentleman’s club would be expensive, but the food isn’t much more than fast food, and it tastes so much better. After eating, and throwing back a few beers, I watched the show, and I couldn’t take my eyes of this girl, Sibyl. She was perfect—long dark hair the just barely covered her breasts, and brown eyes that you could get lost in. I guess she could tell I was having a bad day, because after her set, she came over and offered me a lap dance. And, as she swayed over my lap and looked deeply into my eyes, I just knew that everything would be alright.

As fate would have it, I ran into Sibyl in the grocery store not too long ago. I found out that her real name is Rosa. She remembered me and we hit it off. As it turns out, she’s a student at my school, and is hoping to be a chemist one day. And, as good as she looked on stage, let me tell you, she looks better in just a lab coat.

Anyway, with great food, cold beers, and some delicious entertainment, I know that Joe’s going to love his party, especially since I’m going to be saving some money in the process. As for me, my eyes will be on Sibyl all night long; she’s nothing short of perfect. Who knows; maybe there will be some other chemistry happening later that night.