Party for Independence Day at RI Dolls in Woonsocket

party-july4If you’re single and on your own with no family nearby, Independence Day can be pretty boring. Sure, you could find a girl and check out the fireworks, but why not celebrate the best holiday in the country with lots of girls? Even better, if you have a bunch of single guy friends, make it a party and invite them to the hottest strip club in Rhode Island for an Independence Day party that no one will forget!

Celebrating Independence Day at a gentleman’s club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket is a great way to have a fun time. It’s different and unique and there’s a much better show than fireworks to check out. It can be amazing.

One of the best reasons to celebrate at RI Dolls strip club is to avoid the crowds. If you have ever been at a local part on Independence Day you know how insane it can be. There are tons of people packed into the space and it’s easy to lose the people you came with. Even if you bring your own chairs you might not be comfortable but it’s better than sitting on the ground. RI Dolls is still a great party but you’ll have comfortable chairs to sit on and even better view of the scenery!

Another perk of celebrating the party at RI Dolls is that you won’t have to fight off the bugs. No sticky bug spray that you have to put on every half hour. No bugs in your food. They only ones that will be paying attention to you are the beautiful girls at the club. They are there to make sure that you have a good time, whether you’re there during the day or the evening. They perform for you and are ready to make sure that your night is awesome.

And of course, you won’t have to suffer the heat of the outdoors. The club at RI Dolls is cool and air conditioned and the perfect temperature for sitting back and enjoying a few beers with the guys. Add some great food, sexy women vying for your attention and how can a night at the crowded part possibly compete with that.

You shouldn’t forget about the food either. When you take food to a park or have a barbeque in the back yard the food is rarely ever what you expect it to be. Someone burns your steak or the potato salad is warm. And the bugs will try to get their fill of the food, too! RI Dolls has an award winning menu with lots of choices – something for everyone. The food is served at just the right temperature and your steak will never be overdone. And there are no bugs to try and fly off with your meat!

Rhode Island Dolls has the best show in town on Independence Day. It is the secret that no one tells you about. There are exotic dancers that are there just for you and the show goes on as long as you want it to. There’s no standing around and waiting for something to happen only to be disappointed by 15 or 20 minutes of special effects. The whole night is a show at RI Dolls.

Rhode Island Dolls is the best party in town on Independence Day. So maybe being single is a good thing, right guys? You can hang out by yourself – you don’t need a date and if you don’t have many friends you’ll make friends – or you can bring your crew. Come early and enjoy a good meal before the show or come late and have a few drinks once things have gotten hot. It’s up to you and no one will complain that you didn’t bring your fair share of the beers because Rhode Island Dolls has all the beer and specialty liquor that you could hope for.

It’s a place for anyone that is just tired of the same old scene on Independence Day. And if you DID have a party to go to, you know you have a backup. It’s easy to have to cut out early when someone is showing you too many holiday pictures or you’re tired of the wild life feasting on you and your food – just say that you have another party you promised to attend and jump in the car and come to Rhode Island Dolls. It’s one party that you’ll never regret going to!