Things Married Women Can Learn from Dancers at RI Dolls

Married women sometimes wonder why it is that their husbands want to spend time at a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Do their husbands not care for them anymore? Do their husbands not find them attractive? Are they bored? Do they want to find action outside of the marriage? Is their marriage over?!?!

The truth is that men like going to strip clubs whether they are married or not. Even in great marriages, most men find that a visit to a strip club can be quite enjoyable. There’s a reason why gentlemen’s clubs like RI Dolls have been around for what seems like forever – men like them. And that’s not likely to change.

But is there anything at a gentleman’s club that a married woman can learn from? Yes – there likely is!

It’s About the Fantasy

First, men like to fantasize. They may never break their marriage vows but men think about what other women are like simply because they are not with those women. At a club where there exotic dancers, they can have fun with their fantasies in a safe environment. They know that if they flirt with the dancers, nothing is going to happen. They know that if they see the dancers take off their clothes, that is as far as it goes. They can enjoy the fantasy of the cheerleader, the leather clad dominatrix, or the tomboy – and they don’t actually have to do anything about it.

Fantasies are good for men – and for women, too. So, there’s no reason why a woman can’t go to a gentleman’s club and indulge in a fantasy or two of her own. Better yet, go with your husband and see which fantasy girl at the club is getting the most of his attention. When you get home you can recreate that fantasy with a wig or some fun accessories and ignite a spark in the bedroom (or the kitchen or the pool house or where ever you want). Your husband won’t care if you don’t look the same in your fantasy garb as the stripper did – the very fact that you want to play with his fantasy with him can heat things up!

It’s About Confidence

Exotic dancers are confident. They have to be otherwise there is no way that they could get up on a stage and do the things that they do. It is well worth your time to go to a club (with your husband or even with some of your girlfriends if you prefer) and observe how the dancers display confidence. It’s more than just the flesh that they display. It’s in the way they move their limbs. It’s in the way they walk. It’s in their eyes and in their smiles.

After observing for a bit, start practicing. Practice when you’re cleaning the house. Practice when you’re taking the dog for a walk (you’ll likely get some looks from passersby as you practice swaying your hips like a dancer but don’t worry – they will be appreciative looks). Practice your eye contact when you interact with others. Pretty soon it will come naturally to you and when your hubby notices your new confidence (and soon you won’t be faking it – it will be second nature and it will be genuine) you won’t be able to keep him off of you!

It’s About Him

When a man goes to a strip club he knows that the dancers know their job – to lavish attention on their customers. Sometimes guys need to be the center of attention. They like that the dancers at gentleman’s clubs are going to focus on what he needs and wants.

As a woman, it is not a bad thing to focus on your man. This isn’t to say that he shouldn’t focus on your sometimes, too or that you should drop everything in your life for him, but you may be shocked to find out how responsive he can be when you set aside time to make it just about him. Put on his favorite dress (with either his favorite lingerie underneath or nothing at all!) and greet him when he comes home. Smile. Listen when he tells you about his day. Give him an hour of your undivided attention.

There is a reason that pinup girls of the past are so appealing to men – and dancers are kind of like those girls. Those women knew what men wanted.

Of course, at some point it should be your turn to get what you want and it’s your job to let him know! Remember that he’s not a mind reader!