Tips for RI Dolls Dancers to Make Female Customers More Comfortable

While the majority of clients at strip clubs like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI are male, there are more and more women customers that come in. Sometimes they come in with their husbands or boyfriends, sometimes as part of the group, and sometimes they are even there by themselves for various reasons. As a dancer, it is important to remember that they are your customers, too. They will tip and they will often spend their money on a private dance. Sometimes they are lesbian women, sometimes they are bisexual, but just as often as not they are straight women that want to enjoy the experience at a gentlemen’s club – just like the men.

Here’s a few ways that you can make sure your female customers are comfortable and have as good of a time as the men that are there to see you.

#1 Don’t Ignore Your Women Customers
It may be tempting to ignore the women that come in but remember that they are just as likely to pay out of pocket if they are having a good time as the men are. In fact, they may appreciate your work even more than the men because she understands your experiences and your perspective in a way that men cannot. Talk to her and find out what kind of experience she is there for. Is she just there to keep an eye on her man or is she more adventurous and maybe interested in a lap dance or a private dance.

Either way, women that are at strip clubs are usually there by choice. She’s more likely to be offended if you ignore her than if you pay attention to her. Smile, talk, dance – see what she likes. You may get a chance to interact with her more after your stage set and you might find a new regular in your female customers if you play up to them a bit.

#2 Bathroom Time Can Create a Closeness
All women have to go to the bathroom. That’s why strip clubs have washrooms for men and women. And you’ll have to go at some point, too, so don’t be afraid to talk to your women customers if you meet up in there. Women chat in washrooms. They share makeup tips, hair tips, jokes – and those little things make women feel closer to one another. It’s a kind of intimacy that you’ll never have with your male customers. So take advantage of it. If she likes you and feels comfortable around you, it’s more likely that she’ll become a paying customer. And if you treat her right, she could become a return customer. It’s much easier to keep a returning customer than it is to turn someone into a regular customer that comes back to see you time and time again.

Give Her the Full Experience
Most women are not immune to your sexual prowess. Women at a strip club are usually aware of the sexual vibes that are sure to fill every space of the club. And if she’s visiting a gentleman’s club, she’s likely pretty cool with that. So, don’t treat her like your mom or your sister. How about a best friend – the one you’ve had a crush on all your life?

Women who go to strip clubs are usually pretty cool with at least some level of flirtation so use the same tricks you use on the guys with her. If it’s her first time she might blush but you just have to take it back a couple steps and find out where her comfort level is.

At some point you’ll be able to suggest a private dance. If she says no, that’s ok. It doesn’t hurt to try. But there’s a good chance that she’s either curious and she’s just waiting for you to say something or that she’s been to a gentlemen’s club before and is just waiting for the right moment.

If she says yes to a lap dance or a private dance, pull out all your best moves, the same way you would for any other customer. Even if she’s not a lesbian or bisexual woman, she’ll appreciate your skills and your effort and respond with tips. She may even get a bit turned on. And if she’s there with her man, he will surely appreciate that later in the night!

Interaction with female customers will make them feel more comfortable. If it is too much, you’ll be able to read it in her face and you can tone it down as needed.