Spring Break Surprise

My boyfriend just went home after visiting for spring break. He could have gone off to Daytona with his buddies but instead he came home to see me. I was really happy that he made that choice when he was talking about spring break earlier in the year. I was worried that the distance between us might cause problems. I was worried that we might even break up. So when he chose to be with me instead of his friends, it made me really happy.

I decided right then and there that I was going to make spring break awesome for him. I was going to make him glad that we decided to try the distance relationship thing and that he decide to come home for his break instead of going with his friends to party in the sun. I’m pretty sure they likely put a lot of pressure on him to come.

There were some great things planned – dinners with friends, a surprise party and some sports that he loved to play. But the thing that I knew would surprise him the most would be a trip to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. RI Dolls is not very far from us but far enough away that he didn’t go there often. But I knew when he did go there he always had a great time. I’d never been there with him though so I decided to get together a group of adventurous girlfriends and check it out first.

We had a great time that night and I knew that when I went with my boyfriend it was going to be awesome.
I know my boyfriend’s type of girl so when I was there with my friends, I made sure to keep an eye out for a dancer I knew he would like. And I found the perfect one. I got a private dance from her (because honestly, I was kind of curious as to what it would be like) and she was so nice, too. She made me feel comfortable even though I’d never had a girl dancing up on me like that before!

So, I made sure to check to see if she was going to be working the night I was going to bring my boyfriend. And she was.

When my girlfriends caught wind of what I was doing they decided they wanted to surprise their boyfriends too, so we made it an event. We had them meet us at a local diner. We all got out of the car as if we were going in and then we told them that wasn’t where we were going at all. They all looked kind of shocked when we pulled blindfolds out of our purses and told them that they had to put them on or they wouldn’t find out what was happening. A couple of them kind of balked at the idea but we promised them it would be worth it.

So, all the guys got blindfolded and escorted into the passenger seats of our cars while we drove. They had no clue where we were going. Not even when we pulled into the parking lot of Rhode Island Dolls and took them by the hand and guided them inside. We finally pulled the blindfolds off once we were in there and their jaws almost dropped to the floor!

We had a VIP room reserved so we took them all up there. We ordered food and some premium liquor (us girls were all driving so most of us didn’t drink) and let the guys go to town. The dancers that were in charge of the VIP room did a great job and I think every one of our boyfriends was in shock for the first hour. But when we started ordering lap dances they forgot their shock and got into it.

Later we all moved down to the main stage and we all had fun watching the dancers and tipping them. I think those girls that were working really enjoyed our group because there was a lot of cash floating around that stage.

Finally, towards the end of the night, I called over the girl I’d chosen to give him a private dance. She knew I’d be asking her and she’d been smiling at him all night but keeping a distance until I gave her the signal. I could tell he liked her, too. His eyes followed her around the room.

We finished off the night with a private dance for each of us. And you know what? The party was just getting started! We left RI Dolls but he and I had our own little private dance party at home, if you know what I mean!