Wednesday Team Lunches at Rhode Island Dolls

I work for a big firm in the city and there are a lot of employees. Employees work on teams with a team leader that is responsible to motivate them and guide them on various projects. Everyone in the company wants to work on my team and there’s one good reason.

Our team leader knows that in order to motivate his team, he needs to give them rewards for work well done. He helps each of us set individual goals (because one goal for the team would be too easy for some but too difficult for others) and if everyone on the team meets their goal we get a weekly reward.

What is this great reward that keeps us all so focused and productive? It’s a lunch day at Rhode Island Dolls on Wednesdays.

You see, on Wednesdays, RI Dolls has a lunch buffet. And let me tell you, it is nothing less than amazing. The food is spectacular and we all get to enjoy a show at the same time. Even the women in the group love going because it is the kind of place where you can sit back and relax and just unwind. Our team leader knows that we love it. He’s tried other things to motivate us along the way but when it comes right down to it, the lunch buffet at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket is what we all look forward to the most.

The lunch buffet is one of those all you can eat deals and it is only $5 so it doesn’t break him if we manage to go every week. There are some weeks where we don’t meet our individual goals so we don’t get to make the trip, but that just makes us work that much harder so that we get to go on the following week.

We even get to have a drink or two while we have our lunch – we just can’t go overboard because we do have to go back to the office! Our team leader makes sure that everyone takes turns being designated drivers so that no one is tempted to drink and drive.

He has one more trick up his sleeve. The one person on the team that has done the best and exceeded their personal goal by the most, gets a private dance before we leave. Now that is a treat! The dancers there are so beautiful and they are so classy – it’s awesome to get up close and personal with them.

Our team leader came up with something new last month, too. He took us there on a Saturday afternoon when we were supposed to have a meeting that no one really wanted to go to – because it was on a Saturday. So, to encourage us and make the meeting a little more attractive, he had it at RI Dolls. We did do business. There was no drinks until after the business portion was done. But that made us all focus. He purposefully scheduled the meeting to start when there were no girls on the stage! And once we got through all the business stuff, he took off his suit jacket and stood up and said, “First round is on me!” The meeting was boring but he got us good and revved up about the new project we were going to start and we paid attention.

Some of the guys have started going there on Friday nights after work, too. It’s even more awesome then because we all usually go home first, have supper with our families, get showered and changed, and then take a cab to Rhode Island Dolls so we can really let loose and have a good time. Some of us single guys just head over there after work. Sometimes we talk about work, but most of the time we just kick back and relax and enjoy the food and the dancers.

Rhode Island Dolls has kind of become our team’s place to go when we need to unwind or when we want to celebrate something. If someone retires or gets a promotion to another department or has a birthday we always go there to celebrate. We don’t even need a really good reason to go watch exotic dancers, have some drinks, and eat delicious food. We have been known to make up reasons. Like the time we went because Bob got his oil changed on his car. Or the time we went because Frank got a new tie. We don’t need a good reason to go to Rhode Island Dolls. The fact that it exists is good enough for us!