Good Reasons For Girls To Bring Their Boyfriends To RI Dolls

So, one of your girlfriends mentioned that they went to a strip club with their boyfriend and now you’re thinking about it, right? Is it crazy to bring your man somewhere that he’s going to basically be invited to look at hot, half-naked chicks? After you’ve been giving him arm punches for staring at girls on the street, does that make any sense at all? It’s does! We’ll tell you why.

First, it is natural for men to look at women. The same way that women will look at men. Just because you look at a guy that has a strong chiseled jaw line or a great set of biceps, it doesn’t mean you are going to cheat on your boyfriend, does it? Of course not. And he’s not going to cheat on you just because he likes to look at a woman that has something to look at. But let’s be honest, a lot of women get pretty upset about that and if he’s gawking at them on the street both of you are likely to get an earful. But at a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls, not only is it ok, it’s expected!

So, aren’t you giving him mixed signals by taking him to RI Dolls so he can look at other women? No. Just tell him you understand that it is natural to look but he needs to chill out when he’s in public because some women will be offended. But you’re cool with him looking in the right environment. And you can even look with him.

Yep, Rhode Island Dolls is a great place for him to let his guard down. But what about you? What do you get out of it?

Well, the most obvious thing you’re going to get out of it is a very appreciative man. And when he’s appreciative he’s going to show you. If he’s allowed to look but not touch, he’s going to want to touch you all night long once you go home. And that is going to lead to a night of very good times.

The other thing you get out of it is that you can watch. Watch him and see what he likes. Is he into that Dominatrix on the stage? Maybe you can pick up some leather lingerie and take control when you get home. Is he into the cheerleader? It’s not hard to pull your hair into a couple of pony tails and put on a short skirt and dance around with some pom-poms is it? Find out what his fantasy is and indulge in it. See if you like it, too. There’s nothing wrong with a fantasy and there’s nothing wrong with playing into the fantasy of someone you love. It’s a healthy way to explore your relationship.

And let’s be honest – whether or not you let him go to an exotic dance club like Rhode Island Dolls, he’s going to fantasize. It’s human nature. So why not have fun with it?

While you’re there, watch the girls. You can learn a thing or two from exotic dancers. Watch how they walk and move. Watch how they hold their bodies. Learn from that because you can learn to move like that, too. You can do it any time you like but if you do that at home, his eyes will be all over you! Whenever you need to get his attention, just pull out a couple of your stripper movements and you’ll have his full attention.

Remember how we mentioned having fun in the bedroom? Have you ever thought about giving him his own private strip show? If not, why not? Men LOVE this stuff! Maybe the reason you haven’t done it or thought about it in the past is because you lack confidence. Well, we’ll tell you a secret. No woman is born being confident. They have to learn to be confident. So, while you’re at the club, watch their moves (nothing complicate, just the simple ones) and then practice at home in front of the mirror. Don’t practice too long though because if you think about it too long you’ll freak yourself out. Practice a few times and then get on with it. Give him his own special dance at home. You don’t even need a pole.

Once you try it, let his admiration and desire build up your self-confidence. He’ll likely love it so much he’ll want you to do it again and again. You’ll just get better at it.

The cool thing is that this self-confidence transfers over into your regular life. When you are confident in the bedroom and you’re having great sex, that confidence is felt in other parts of your life, too. You may soon find that you have the confidence to try things you have never considered before. You might find yourself getting promoted! The sky’s the limit.

The bottom line is that going to a strip club like RI Dolls with your man is fun. You can both have a good time. And no matter how much he denies it, he’s going to look, so let him look in a place where he is supposed to.