7 Things You Should Remember On Your First Trip To RI Dolls

If you are heading out to Rhode Island Dolls for the very first time you like have already heard some stories about how you should act when you go to a strip club. Well, I’ll tell you right now, you should likely just throw most of those stories out the window. Unfortunately, a lot of guys like to brag about what happens at gentlemen’s clubs like RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, but they tend to exaggerate so that they can make themselves seem cooler or better. The thing is that Rhode Island Dolls is an awesome place as it is and you don’t really need to embellish the truth when you go there.

Want the truth? Here are 7 things that you should remember when you go to RI Dolls for the first time, or any other strip club for that matter.

#1. The dancers are professionals

Dancers aren’t girls that are looking to hook up. They aren’t girls that are looking for a sugar daddy. They are professional dancers that are there to do one thing – they are there to entertain you.

#2. The dancers work for tips mostly

The dancers that you find at strip clubs make the majority of their money from the tips they receive. They work hard for their tips and they definitely earn them. So, if you think that you can go to a strip bar and not tip out, remember that the entertainers that are there have good memories and you might find that not many of them approach you in the future!

#3. A pleasant smile with take you a long way

It’s not necessary to hoot and holler at the dancers to get their attention. A nice smile in their direction is usually enough of an indication to get one of them to come over to your table after she’s done her routine on the stage. At that point, she’ll likely talk to you for a bit and then ask if you want a lap dance or a private dance.

#4. Want to see more of a dancer? Come back to the club!

If you find a dancer that you like and you would like to see more of her it is completely fine to ask her when she works again.  She’ll happily tell you, especially if you’ve been nice and ordered a lap dance or a private dance and tipped an appropriate amount. But it’s not ok to ask to see her outside of work. She won’t give you a phone number or tell you where she lives or set up a date to meet you somewhere.

#5. Compliments are appreciated

Dancers spend a lot of time making sure that they look nice. They do their hair and makeup. They wear sexy clothes. They make sure their skin is soft and supple looking. However, it is not ok to make sexual comments and it’s not ok to be rude!  Keep your comments complimentary and you’ll make the best clients list.

#6. Manners do matter

No one likes to be treated badly so when you are talking to the dancers make sure to use your manners. Say please and thank you, pull out a chair for them, keep your hands to yourself, and be nice. A customer who acts like a gentleman around the dancers will get a good reputation. One who does not…well, the girls do talk backstage.

#7. Some dancers have social media pages or blogs

If you’re interested in finding out more about a dancer or knowing when she’s working next, ask her if she has a Facebook Page or a blog. Some of them do. Some have newsletters or use Snapchat to keep up with their customers and engage with them. If they do, it’s fine to follow them if they give you that information.

Gentlemen’s clubs like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI are a great place to sit back and relax. It’s a great place to enjoy a few drinks, watch some exotic dancers, and let the stresses of the week slip away. If it is your first time going to a strip club, just remember two things. Dancers are professionals and they are there to earn a living so don’t be shy with the tips. Also, each dancers is someone’s mother, sister, girlfriend, daughter, etc. So treat them with respect. Don’t assume that because they take their clothes off for a living that they are lesser human beings!