Join the RI Dolls at the Topless Bike/Car Wash

One of the best things about summer is the sun and the beautiful girls. There’s no doubt about that. But my favorite day of every summer is always the Rhode Island Dolls Topless bike and car wash. It is sure to be a great time with all the activities. It’s good, clean fun, and the bonus is that all the money earned from the event goes to Breast Cancer Awareness.

I remember my first topless bike and car wash like it was yesterday. It was the summer I turned 21 and I was back from college and my dad told me he had something special planned. Now, my dad is not exactly wild. I thought I was going to end up with a bunch of old guys on a guys on a golf course in the hot sun. Imagine my surprise when my pop pulled up to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and there were all these beautiful topless dancers out there washing cars!

There was already quite a line up by the time we got there and you’d think that would be kind of annoying but to be honest, it was fine. I mean, it just gave us a good excuse to sit in our air conditioned car and watch all the action. There were lots of cars and trucks and some beautiful motorcycles just waiting to be washed by one of the gorgeous Rhode Island Dolls dancers.

When our turn finally came a sexy doll with voluptuous breasts started spraying down our car. When another Doll came over to help her, she was met with the cool spray of water from the hose. Oh no! She got her top all wet and I could see right through it! Damn it, she had to take her top off. The second Doll decided to retaliate by picking up the hose and squirting the first Doll. Now her bikini top was all wet too, so she takes it off. Her breasts are so firm that they barely fall when her top comes off. Yet, they look so juicy and squeezable.

As the two Dolls worked in unison to wash our car, I noticed that their breasts push up against my window whenever they reach up to wash the roof. It was so awesome and I couldn’t helping thinking that my dad was a lot cooler than I thought he was. Their nipples were practically in my face—only separated by a thin pane of glass. I have no idea what was going on around me as these two girls washing my car had stolen my attention. As they lathered up my vehicle, they also lathered up each other. It was so hot that I wished I could roll my window down to get some air.

After the final rinse, and just when I think my experience is over, the voluptuous Doll pointed out the food and beverages being offered a few feet away. We decided to park the clean car and walk over to see what’s in the spread. I immediately smelled amazing food. Since the food at RI Dolls is always great, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed with anything.

After a little more car wash watching, we went inside where the air conditioning cooled us off a bit. I mean, we were still surrounded by beautiful dancers so I was still kind of hot, if you know what I mean.

Since we were there anyway, we ordered a pitcher of beer and headed up to the stage so we could watch the dancer that was up there. You know, just when I think that I’ve found the most beautiful woman in the world, there’s another one to prove me wrong. And these girls really know how to move. It amazes me when I see the things they can do with their bodies. They are really athletic but so very sexy at the same time.

We stuck around for a few hours. I met some of dad’s buddies (I thought he only hung out with old dad type guys that I know in our neighborhood – how wrong was I?). My dad even bought be a private dance. This was the first time I’d had one. I mean, I won’t lie, I’d seen strippers before but I’m a broke college student so a private dance was new to me.

What an experience! I had a great time that day and I gained a totally knew perspective of my dad.