What Are The Best Hair Styles for Rhode Island Dolls Dancers?

For a dancer at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, it is important to look your best at all times. After all, it is a premier gentlemen’s club and customers have high expectations. But of course, respect is important, too. And respect comes partly from looking put together. Your hair is part of that.

Men love long hair but that’s not always practical when you’re working it on the stage, is it. And if you choose to go with long hair, there are lots of different ways to work it. Then again, there’s a certain classy look that comes with shorter hair styles. So, what do you go with? What is the best hair styles for RI Dolls dancers?

Here are some options for you to consider:

#1 Long and Tousled

Long and tousled hair is a great option for exotic dancers at Rhode Island Dolls. Putting in soft waves will add volume and bounce to your hair. At the same time, this calculated messy look can handle being ruffed up without losing its style. To get this hair style, simply dry your hair as usual, but stop while it’s slightly damp. Then roll your hair into large Velcro curlers, spray with hair spray, and leave the curlers in while your hair dries. When completely dry, remove the curlers and use your fingers to separate the strands. You may want to tease your hair around the crown for extra volume. Finish off with hair spray. Another option is to us a large-barrel curling iron on your completely dry hair. For strippers with thin hair, the curls won’t stay very long when done with a curling iron, so rollers are a better option.

#2 Long and Sleek

Sleek and straight hair is also a favorite amongst dancers and customers at Rhode Island Dolls. Hair that looks extra soft and shiny will get more attention. This hairstyle can be achieved very easily by washing and drying your hair as normal. Then separate your hair into two sections, the bottom you’ll leave out and the top you’ll put on the top of your head so it’s out of the way. Then use a flat iron to straighten the hair hanging lose. Take out another layer of hair and pin the rest back up and out of the way, then straighten it with the flat iron. Repeat this until all your hair has been straightened. Finish with hair spray to keep it looking sleek and shiny.

#3 The Sexy Up-do

If you’re the type of dancer that likes to have long hair but you hate it in your eyes while you’re doing your routine on stage or trying to give a guy a lap dance, then consider a half up and half down style. You can gather the sides and top of your hair and twist it into a small bun, and use sparkly pins to keep it secure. You can also use a decorative clip to secure the sides of your hair up and out of the way. Don’t forget that you can also play up your costume with an appropriate hair style. If you’re dressed as a school girl or cheerleader, nothing is better than a pair of ponytails with scrunchies.

#4 Short Hair But Still Care

We have to talk about short hair, because it’s very easy to take care of and won’t get in the way of your performance as an exotic dancer. There are plenty of guys that like short hair, so that shouldn’t be a consideration if you’re thinking about cutting your hair. Also, remember that you can always buy extensions if you’d like to get the effects of having long hair again. They are easy to maintain and can be taken in and out in minutes. This is a perfect option for a stripper that likes to change her appearance during her shift. You can start out with long hair, then change your costume and remove the extensions for a completely different look.

The important thing about your hair is that it should make you feel confident but yet, still be comfortable. It shouldn’t get in the way of doing your job. It should flatter your face shape and suit your personality – or at least the personality that you choose to have on the stage! When your hair is done nicely and you’re wearing a sexy outfit, it provides the total package that customers want to see at RI Dolls, and you’ll make a lot more money. It shows that you care about your appearance and your body, so give yourself a fantastic hair style and wear it confidently.