Ways for RI Dolls Dancers to Keep Their Moves Fresh

New dancers at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI might wonder how dancers keep their moves fresh and interesting. Being boring is a sure way to lose favorite customers.

Remember that the dancers who have been doing this for years didn’t learn all their moves at once. They try new things, watch for great moves, and learn how to do them well.

If  you want to keep your dance moves at the strip club new and fresh, here are some great ideas.

Watch Stripper Videos

The last way to learn new stripper dance moves is to hit up YouTube and watch a few videos. The best thing about watching learn-to-strip videos are:

  • You are learning and practicing in the comfort of your own home
  • You can go at your own pace, spending as little or as much time learning a new move as you need to
  • It’s free to watch stripper videos on YouTube
  • Premium learn-to-strip videos are typically less expensive than taking classes or workshops
  • You won’t have to deal with nervousness because no one is watching you
  • You can learn at any time of the day or night – when it’s most convenient for you

Go To Stripping School

As unconventional as it may be, some strippers learn their skills by taking classes. A quick Google search will turn up quite a few dance studios that offer erotic dancing, burlesque, and pole dancing classes in Rhode Island. These classes can be a one-time workshop perfect for busy ladies, or you can choose from a variety of a long-term dancing courses where you meet once or twice a week. Most stripping schools and dance studios offer private dance lessons, or you can take a group lesson. Private lessons will cost more, but that one-on-one time is priceless.

Another benefit to taking stripping classes is that you can network with other erotic dancers, learn important information about the strip clubs and gentleman’s clubs in the area, and even meet new friends. Building relationships with other strippers will certainly help you up your game because you’ll have the inside scoop on all the happenings in the local strip club scene.

Find A Stripping Mentor

Before there was stripping school, women had to learn the art of stripping from other strippers. Today, some experienced erotic dancers will still take a newbie under their wings and teach her how to be an amazing stripper. You can watch and follow your mentor throughout her shift, and then try to copy her magic when it’s your turn to work. Or, she may invite you to her home, where she can teach you new moves in private. This gives you the perfect opportunity to practice and perfect your dancing before your next shift at the strip club.

You must be able to take constructive criticism without getting upset, or you won’t learn much from a stripping mentor. Her job isn’t to stroke your ego, but to show you how to strip and earn as much money as possible. This method of learning new stripper dance moves can be fun because you’re hanging out with your friend while dancing. But, if you’re working at the club and trying to learn how to strip, you better learn fast or you’ll come home with empty pockets after your shift.

Just remember that your confidence and personality will go a long way when you first start out stripping at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. If you can connect with customers and hold a decent and interesting conversation, that will go a lot farther than any death-defying pole trick. Just keep things simple by moving your body in a sensual way, and the more expert moves will come along with practice.

Don’t Pretend You’re Making Love

There is one thing I do have to point out, and it’s that you shouldn’t look like you’re trying to make love while your dancing at RI Dolls. While erotic dancing is suggestive of intimate relations with another person, most strippers don’t dance the same way they have sex. Instead, focus on moving your body in a way that makes you look sexy, without looking like you’re a dog in heat humping your master’s leg.

Also, don’t expect to be the best stripper in the club after watching a couple YouTube videos or spending the day at a stripper workshop. It takes practice, time, and experience to be an amazing stripper. But if you put in the time to learn new dance moves, you’ll quickly up your game and you could be the highest earning Doll in the club!