Four of the Best Reasons to Spend Time at Rhode Island Dolls in the Summer

Summer is great. It’s warm. There are longer days. There’s the beach and afternoons by the pool. And of course, beautiful women in bikinis. But after a few weeks, you might feel the need to mix things up a bit and a trip to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island is just the way to do it!

Here are four of the best reasons you should spend some time at Rhode Island Dolls this summer:

#1 Great food

Yes, there are lots of places that serve great food but you can’t get that food served by a gorgeous woman while you’re watching a sexy doll dance on the stage in front of you, can you? And there’s not a chance that your waitress is going to be as cute as the ones at Rhode Island Dolls! Awesome food like homemade burgers and fries, crispy chicken wings, crunchy pizzas, and thick juicy steaks are available every day of the week and you can watch your favorite stripper dance for you at the same time. Now that’s the way we want to spend summer!

And don’t forget to check out the awesome lunch buffet every Wednesday from noon to 1:30 PM. It’s a great chance to sample some of the delicious things that the RI Dolls chef comes up with. There’s lots of salads too, in case you don’t feel like having a hot meal. For only $5 you can eat all you want. Now that’s a deal!

#2 Special and events

Rhode Island Dolls always has something special going on, whether it is raining or shining. There are drink specials every day of the week. Sundays are half price towers and $3 bubble shots. Mondays are $1 draft beer and $1 jello shots. Tuesdays you can’t miss the beer bucket specials and half price beer towers. On Wednesdays you have to come in for $3 margaritas and $3 beer shots. Thursdays are a great night to bring in a lady you want to impress because there a BOGO special on select champagne and more $1 jello shots. Friday nights are pretty great too because it’s another BOGO night for select champagnes and on bottle service. On Saturday you can do it again with the BOGO champagne and bottle service, plus there’s $3 shots.

There’s always special events in the summer, too! This summer watch for the 29th Annual Skins Golf Tournament, coming on August 1st!

#3 Keep cool!

There’s nothing better than finding an air conditioned venue where you can kick back and relax. Sure, you could just go to the mall but why go to the mall and watch a bunch of old people blocking your view of the hot chicks, when you could come to RI Dolls where the hot chicks are on the center stage? Really, it’s the ideal place to stay cool and see some beautiful babes in next to nothing. You could go to the beach but…damn, it’s way to hot to be sitting out in the sun.

#4 The dolls

Of course, the best reason to come to Rhode Island’s best strip club  is for the dolls! How can you not want to see beautiful women that are ready to entertain you with their sexy dance moves? They each have their own specialty dances so it is worth coming to see each and every one of them. Whether you like the cute girls or the sexy women or the domineering type or the shy sweeties, there’s a girl here for every guy’s type. Relax as you watch them on the stage or enjoy some special one on one attention from you favorite doll and get a lap dance or a private dance.

Rhode Island Dolls is a favorite place to get out of the heat for most people in Woonsocket, RI. But if you’re from out of state and you’ve never been here before, it is worth the road trip. Woonsocket is a beautiful little city with a small town feel. There’s lots to see and do before you head over to RI Dolls to enjoy your night. Of course, everything else is just an appetizer – Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club will be your main course when you visit Woonsocket!