Dancers at Rhode Island Dolls – Avoid Falls and Lost Working Time

Who doesn’t love a job where they can go into work and have a great time every single night? It’s like getting paid to be a social butterfly. If you’re a people person, being an erotic dancer could be your dream job and I’m sure the dancers at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island would agree.

There is one potential hazard to the job and that’s falls. It’s not that big of a deal if you take precautions though. Falling of the stage can be embarrassing but it can also mean that you have to take time off of work so there’s good reason to think ahead and do everything you can to avoid falling on the stage.

Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Do a few exercises every day to improve your balance. Since having good balance is what will keep you from hitting the ground while on the job, the better your balance is, the less likely you are to fall. Here’s a simple exercise to help you improve your balance: Put on your favorite pair of platform shoes that you wear to work. Then, stand on your right foot and lift your left foot. Stand on that one foot for a minute, or try to. Then switch legs and stand on your left foot only for one minute. Once you can easily stand on one foot for a whole minute, increase the time. Continue increasing your time to improve your balance. Also, try this same exercise, but with your eyes closed to increase the challenge and improve your balance even more.
  2. Before getting on stage, make sure there is nothing on the stage floor, like small debris, paper, etc. Even small little pieces of stuff can cause you to slip and fall, or turn your ankle because your footing is completely flat on the floor.
  3. Walk slowly. When you walk slowly, your footing will be more solid and you will have a chance to ensure you’re balanced before your next step. Walking slowly also gives customers a chance to check you out while you’re on the floor. This will increase the number of private dances, lap dances, and trips to the VIP room. And, you know that means you’ll earn more money.
  4. You can buy those little stick-on rough patches for the soles of your shoes. They kind of look like sandpaper and will provide just the right amount of traction to prevent you from falling. These things do the same as the trick above, but you’ll have to pay a couple of bucks for them. If you do remove the stickers over time, they might leave glue residue on the soles of your shoes.
  5. If you’re wearing a new pair of shoes, make sure the bottoms aren’t slippery. Test them out before stepping on stage. If they are slippery, go outside and rub the soles on the pavement to scuff them up and give you more traction. All you have to do is stand in place right outside the door and slide your feet back and forth. You can also twist and spin around. The rougher the soles get, the less chance you’ll slip and fall. And you don’t have to worry about ruining your shoes or scratching the floors inside RI Dolls.
  6. Take a tip from professional ballroom dancers. If the soles of your shoes are too slippery, or the stage has recently been waxed, go into the bathroom and wet some toilet paper. Then wipe the wet toilet paper onto the bottom of your shoes. Then dry the bottom of your shoes with another piece of toilet paper. Although no one really knows why it works, it just does. And it doesn’t permanently alter the bottoms of your shoes and it won’t affect the floor on the stage. Many people have tested this out, and it works every time. It’s also a great way to prevent falls because it’s free, easy, and quick, and you don’t need to plan in advance or buy any fancy equipment.
  7. Take smaller steps than you normally would. Smaller steps will help you keep your balance and reduce the chances that you’ll fall on stage or even on the floor of the club.
  8. When walking and dancing, bend your knees a little more than usual to achieve better balance. Think Karate Kid, girls. Martial arts people always keep their knees slightly bent for a reason — it allows them to stay balanced.
  9. When walking and dancing, pick your feet up more than usual. But, do it subtly so you don’t look like an ostrich walking around the club. When you lift your feet up slightly higher, you don’t have to worry about miscalculating the edge of the carpet or the threshold between doors. You’ll always clear any bump in the floor without issue.
  10. And last, but not least, don’t try to do anything crazy or new. Practice your new moves at home where you can make sure you won’t lose your balance. Then, if you do fall, no one else will see you.