4 Reasons to Visit Rhode Island Dolls on a Week Night

Rhode Island Dolls is a great place to hang out with your friends on the weekend. Great food, great drinks, great dancers – what more could you want? Well, how about visiting the club on a week night while you unwind from work? You don’t have to limit yourself to only visiting on the weekends. Stop by on a week night and take advantage of some of the great specials we offer. We have a lot of things for you to enjoy.

Cover Charge Specials

Nobody likes cover charges. They are necessary to help keep RI Dolls in great shape and are part of what lets us have such a great club. It helps us make sure that the clientele is the best, the dancers are the best, and that we can provide the best of everything.

So here’s the deal – come in during the week and enjoy our specials on the cover charge. For example, you can come in on a Monday and enjoy absolutely no cover charges! It doesn’t matter if you stop by the club during the day or in the evening. You won’t have to worry about a single cover charge.

Are you planning to stop by with a buddy? Then Tuesday night might be a great time for you to come to Rhode Island Dolls. From 6 pm to 1 am it’s a 2 for 1 cover charge. Pay once, and you and your buddy are both in. What better way to get away from the stress at work? We have cover charge specials all week long so don’t forget to ask about them.

Deals on Drinks

Most people enjoy a good drink while visiting the club. You can save some money on your drinks when you come by on a week night. Take Monday for example. A lot of people hate Monday because it’s the end of the weekend and marks the start of a new work week. Take advantage of our specials to learn to love Mondays again. You can enjoy draft beer for just a dollar from 4pm to 10pm and pay just $4 for domestic draft from 4-10 pm. If you want a bottle, then you can take advantage of our half price bottle service from 7 – 10 pm. There are specials on drinks all week long at RI Dolls. Save money on draft beer, domestic draft, and even top shelf drinks when you come in during a week night.

Deals on Food

If you’re coming to Rhode Island Dolls on a week night, you don’t have to worry about stopping somewhere else for dinner, especially if you decide to stop in on a Monday or Tuesday. Come in on a Monday evening and you’ll only have to pay $1 for anything off the food menu from 4-10 pm. Can’t stop by until Tuesday? Then you can come in between 4 and 7 pm and you’ll pay just $2 for a burger and fries. There’s also specials if you decide to come in during the day, so don’t forget to ask about those specials for your days off work.

Dance Specials

We know you’re really here to see the dancers. That’s why you’ll find great dance specials offered all week long. Some nights dance specials are called out at the bottom of every hour and you can get some great deals on dances. On other nights you can enjoy a 2 for 1 dance special. Coming in during a week night can be a great idea if you’ve got weekend plans, need to relax, or if you or a friend have never been to Rhode Island Dolls before. Since the crowds are normally smaller during the week than they are on the weekend, you may feel more comfortable enjoy the dances on a week night. And of course you’ll have saved plenty of money during the week to really enjoy your weekend!