4 Reasons You Should Bring Your Date to Rhode Island Dolls Strip Club

Most guys like strip clubs like RI Dolls in Woonsocket. Rhode Island men know that it is the best place to have a good time. Unless your on a date. Wait – you can’t bring a date? Of course you can. Most men just don’t.

But why shouldn’t you bring a date to Rhode Island Dolls? A better question might be why should you bring a date with you to RI Dolls. Just because they call it a gentlemen’s club that doesn’t mean that women can’t go there, too. And some women would if they were brought there on a date. More and more women are open to the idea of going to a strip club. The two of you could have a great time.

And, if you haven’t thought about this already, bringing a date to Rhode Island Dolls strip club can make you look good, too. Here’s how:

  1. She’ll see that you’re a fun guy. When you take a date to Rhode Island Dolls, you are telling your girl that you are a fun guy. Your date will see that you are a little adventurous and somewhat kinky, but not too far out there that she’ll think you are some sort of porn-obsessed, sexual thrill seeker. The key is to enjoy yourself, but not to go overboard and forget about the beautiful lady sitting next to you. You must make sure you pay more attention to your date than you do watching the exotic dancers. If a stripper comes to your table and strikes up a conversation, allow your date to talk to her, too. Once she sees that you are not there to only look at other women, but you’re there to have a great time with her watching the strippers together, she will relax and enjoy the experience with you. Keep the conversation light, throw in a few jokes to make her laugh throughout the evening, and she will probably go to RI Dolls with you again.
  2. She’ll see that you are respectful to women. Another way that taking a date to Rhode Island Dolls will make you look good is that your date will see how respectful you are to the Dolls. When she sees how nice and respectful you are to them, your date will know that you’ll be even more respectful to her. All women want respect, whether they are strippers, bus drivers, or CEOs. No matter how much a woman will say otherwise, they really do like the nice guys a lot more than the bad boys. If you’d like to have more dates with this girl in the future, being nice and respecting her is one of the best things you can do.
  3. She’ll see that you are generous with your money. Everyone knows that you should have a decent amount of cash in your pocket when you go to a strip club like RI Dolls. This is also the case if you are visiting the gentlemen’s club with a date. In fact, it’s a great place to show your date just how generous you are. When you give a big tip to a sexy dancer, who is a stranger, then she’ll assume you’ll be even more generous to her. A good girl won’t be after your money, but when your date sees you not worrying about money, she can dream about all the fun dates that are yet to come and the money that you’ll spend on her to make sure she has a great time.
  4. She’ll see that you’re into her. The cardinal rule of thumb anytime you bring a date to a strip club is that you have to buy her a lap dance. Ask her which dancer she likes, and then offer to buy her a private dance. While she’s enjoying her private dance, look at her, not the naked dancer. This shows your date that you are interested in watching her interact with a naked woman, not the naked stripper. This is a great way to boost your date’s self-esteem and make her feel happy. There’s also a good chance that it will make her pretty excited.

At the end of the night, after an awesome date at Rhode Island Dolls, there’s a good chance your date will be ready for some action. This is especially true if your date is someone you’ve gone out with several times before, is your girlfriend, or if your date is your wife. Not only will she be having great feelings about you because you’ve shown her how fun, respectful, and generous you are, but being around all those naked strippers is sure to get her in the mood for some excitement between the sheets.