4 Ways RI Dolls Dancers Can Up Their Game For Spring

Dancer in RI Dolls clubSpring is a great time of the year. The weather starts to warm up. Attitudes improve. People are hopeful because they know that winter is almost over. And when people are in a good mood, you know what they do more? They spend more! That’s a thing for dancers at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI.

If you want to make the most of spring being just around the corner and make more money, you have to be ready for it. You’re going to see more bodies at the gentlemen’s club and you want to make sure they want to spend their money on you.

Here are a few things you can do to up your game in time for spring.

#1 Get the right accessories for spring fun

You might be thinking about getting new outfits for the stage but if that is not in your budget, consider picking up some new accessories. They can go a long way to creating a fresh spring look.

Here are some ideas for spring accessories:

  • New makeup in spring colors: mint green, pink, light blue, yellow. Take the home and experiment to find your best look
  • Spring inspired jewelry. Look for flower galore! You’ll be amazed at how many different kinds of jewelery you can find to fit a spring theme.
  • A fake (or real if you’re into it) tattoo on your butt cheek or thigh of a spring flower
  • Body glitter in pastel colors
  • Pink, green, or baby blue nails
  • Pastel hair color (or temporary color)

#2 Pull out the pastel everything

Even if you can’t afford to buy all new costumes, dig through what you have and enjoy the pastel colors of spring. Pink, yellow, light green, and baby blue are all pretty colors. You don’t have to go all pastels but some yellow fishnets or a pink tulle skirt that can be easily removed can be a fun way to make it interesting.

#3 Have you hear of a “vajacial”?

This is something that’s rather new in the skincare industry. A vajacial is just like a facial, but it’s designed especially for the delicate skin around your lady parts. In a nutshell, you visit an aesthetician who has special training to provide this service for women. During a 20-minute session, your external vaginal area is first gently cleansed with an antibacterial wipe. Then, the skin is treated with a natural exfoliating body scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. This scrub is made of salt, sugar, and glycerine, so it’s perfectly safe. A hot towel placed over the area, including your stomach and upper thighs, feels great and opens up the pores.

Next, the aesthetician will examine your skin to see if there are any problems that need to be tended to, like ingrown hairs. She will take care of them for you. A special peppermint-infused mask is applied to the skin to help prevent any new ingrown hairs. A high-frequency wand is gently rubbed on your skin to enhance blood circulation and help the products to penetrate deep into your skin. Ladies often report that this part of the vajacial is very ticklish, so be aware! The vajacial treatment is finished off with another hot towel to open the pores again, and then a natural moisturizer.

#4 Add a new move to your routine

Give your clients something new to look forward to! If you love to create new dances, you might want to try something totally new. Spring is sweet and innocent and fresh so what could you do?

Try some ballet inspired moves. Look to some of the famous ballerinas for inspiration. Don’t try to do anything too advanced, but you can modify ballet moves to look very sensual and sexy. Just think of what moves would look great if you did them in the bedroom and you’ll be sure to find some sexy inspiration!

These are just a few ideas to help you enhance your routine and your appearance for spring at RI Dolls gentleman’s club. Your options are limitless, if you can think outside the box. Just remember that you are dancing at RI Dolls to provide a fantasy for customers. The more fantastic you become as spring approaches, the more tips you’ll get. Who knows, it might end up being your favorite time of the year to work and make that money!