5 Best Smartphone Apps for RI Dolls Dancers

Being a dancer means being organized, having perfect hair and makeup, and keeping track of your tips for paying the bills. One way to do this is to use some awesome smartphone apps for dancers. Technology has advanced in a way these days that everyone is using an app every single day for something. Whether it is to keep track of work goals, money, or anything else, an app can help you with this. Apps can help with everything in between every day. This is what is so great about technology these days. It helps everyone a lot, even dancers. If you are a dancer and are looking for ways to keep track of different things, try these best smartphone apps.

Just the Tips app

The app, Just the Tips is a great app that is available for a free download for iPhone and Android. If your primary income comes from tips, you will want this app. It helps keep track of the tips you bring in for easier financial planning. Everyone needs a little help keeping track of their income so you are not alone, just because you are a stripper at RI Dolls. This app provides an easy and free tool to help you keep track of the tips you are making as a dancer to help you plan your financial goals easier. When you have bills to pay, downloading this free app, for either iOS or Android, will make life a lot easier for you. You can download Just the Tips here for iPhone and here for Android.

Myidol app

Being a stripper isn’t just about work all the time. You have to take time out for yourself to let loose and have fun. The Myidol app helps with just that. With the Myidol app, you can take selfies and the app turns them into different creepy creatures. The app was made in China. After it turns your selfies into creepy creatures, it puts your new photo on a stripper pole. This is a great app for strippers to have fun with in between shifts. Be careful you don’t get too hooked on playing with it though since you do still have to work! However, because it was made in China, it is all in the Chinese language. The English version is still being made yet. You can download it for free for iOS here.

Shyft app

Being a stripper can be hard work and sometimes you need a break. If you need to swap shifts with another dancer in your club, try the Shyft app, Shyft allows you to easily swap shifts with other dancers and even send them a message with the chat functionn. You can also swap shifts with another stripper if you would like to work an extra shift and they would like a day off. Shyft also allows everyone who uses it to view and manage schedules and connect with everyone on your work team. You can download Shyft for free for the iPhone here.

Shadescout app

If you are a makeup lover, and most women are, including strippers, then you need this app. Shadescout is a makeup app that will help you find new colors for makeup. For example, what if you noticed a dress in a nice shade of blue that would make a great eyeshadow? With this app, just snap a picture of that dress and Shadecout will find the makeup product in that color at a store near you. How awesome is that? You can download Shadescout for Android here and for iPhone here. Although it says you can download it for Android, when clicking on the link for it, it says it isn’t available in the US right now. But it is available for iPhone in the US.

Pacemaker app

You are already a stripper but you have always wanted to be a DJ too. With the Pacemaker app, you can be one now. Use Pacemaker to shuffle your favorite playlists on Spotify or iTunes. Take it to the club and show off your new DJ skills while dancing to your favorite music from your playlist. You can download Pacemaker here for iPhone.

Using these apps will help you with a lot of things in your life as a stripper. You don’t want to go without any of them once you try them and see for yourself how they can help you with tracking financial goals to having fun with makeup and music.