5 More Things Girls Need To Know When Visiting Rhode Island Dolls Strip Club

wife-at-rhode-island-dollsToday, it’s not uncommon to see women at a gentlemen’s club. In fact, expect to see a few women at different tables when you are at Rhode Island Dolls, not including the beauties that work there. But it is still considered as taboo for a woman to be a strip club, and it’s not often talked about. This is why it’s important to get it right if you are a woman planning to visit a strip club with a guy. We talked about the Things Girls Needs to Know When They visit A Rhode Island Strip Club, and here are 5 more things girls should know:

Dress Appropriately

A gentlemen’s club like RI Dolls isn’t a dirty little hole in the wall where everyone hides in the shadows ashamed of their desire to look at naked women. It’s a prestigious club where the dancers wear gowns and are proud of what they do, so dress nicely. Put on something that you’d wear if you were going out to a nice dinner with your boyfriend or husband. You don’t want to dress too provocative or slutty. If you wear a mini skirt, a short and tight top, you will look trashy. Instead, consider wearing a nice dress that reaches at least to your lower thigh and sexy heals. Or, you can wear a nice pair of jeans, boots, and a dressy top. A night at RI Dolls is also the perfect chance to wear your best jewelry, which will look fantastic under the club lights.

Be Polite

Everyone is at the gentlemen’s club to have fun. It is the exotic dancer’s place of business, and it’s a retreat for people looking to unwind and distress. There is no reason to be rude or even down-right nasty. Remember your pleases and thank yous. If a stripper starts talking to you and asks if you want a dance, and you don’t, politely decline with a smile. If you are not happy to be there, then stay home. A sour puss will do nothing but ruin everyone’s night.

Keep Negative Thoughts To Yourself

So, you’ve had a few drinks and you’ve watched a few Dolls dancing on stage. You’ve probably given a stripper a few tips for her stage performances. As you start to realize that the dancers are real people, you may see their flaws. If you do, keep these thoughts to yourself. Guys are at the strip club for the fantasy of it all. Don’t ruin it by being mean or rude, even if it’s just whispering to the person you are at the club with. It’s a total buzz kill.

Don’t Try To Take A Stripper Home

Everyone knows that guys will never get a stripper’s number or take one home with him when he leaves. But sometimes, girls think that they are special and will be able to get a dancer to leave with her at the end of the night. You won’t. Well, I can’t say that it never happens, but the chances are slim to none. Just go in thinking that you are walking out without a stripper and then no one will get disappointed.

Don’t Worry

Finally, don’t worry. If this is your first time at Rhode Island Dolls, or at any gentlemen’s club, then leave your worries behind. Your man isn’t there to pick up a girl that’s prettier than you. He doesn’t like the Dolls more than you. It’s all about fantasy and entertainment, so enjoy it with him. The dancers at the strip club know and respect that you are there with your guy, and they won’t be trying to steal him away from you. They want to make sure you’re having just as much fun as he is. So don’t look shocked when a sexy lady comes over and talks to you or asks you if you want a dance. Don’t be shy and let her perform for you. Then, watch what she does and enjoy it. Don’t forget to tip her! And pay attention to the strippers at the club, you can learn some new moves for your next roll in the hay with your partner.