5 Reasons to Have Your Birthday Party at RI Dolls Strip Club – The Very Best Birthday Parties in Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Birthday Party in Massachusetts and Rhode Island - Strip ClubYour birthday is a big deal. Whether it’s your 21st or 50th, birthdays are something special. Rhode Island Dolls Gentleman’s strip club can be a great place to have your birthday party. Maybe it’s your first time ever going to a strip club and it’ll be made even more special because you will be going on your birthday. Maybe you’re going to get to see a friend you haven’t seen in a long time or perhaps you already have a favorite club. If you do, then you can schedule your birthday party the same night that your favorite dancers work. Here are some reasons to have your birthday at RI Dolls strip club.

Extra Attention

Being the center of attention feels great. When you go to RI Dolls strip club, the dancers there make you feel like you’re the most special person in the world. If you call us ahead of time, and book a birthday party package everyone will know that it’s your birthday. Your favorite dancers and even those you haven’t met yet will all be paying attention to you. You’ll get extra attention and may even get a free dance or two as a gift. The dancers won’t let you forget that it’s your special day.

Lower Prices

Everyone loves to save money. Having your birthday party at RI Dolls is a great way to get lower prices. While not all clubs offer a discount, RI Dolls will work out a special package with you for your drinks and food.

Some dancers may let you pay half price for a dance or even all your dances all night. Check with us before you go to find out whether you will be charged full price when it’s your birthday. You may even get lucky and only be charged half price for admission!

Free Admissions

RI Dolls will not charge you admission when you come for a birthday party. You may have to clear it withus before you get there but a call to our club will let you know our policies on this. If you are a regular at our club, then you may have a better chance of being able to skip the admission fee.

Free Drinks and Food

Let’s face it – Rhode Island Dolls strip club has great food and great drinks. When you go on your birthday, you might be able to get a few free drinks and maybe even a free meal. If you bring enough guests with you, we might be able to work something out with you – please call us in advance to see.

It can’t hurt to ask and free food is always a good gift on your birthday.

Great Memories

You are sure to have an incredible time when our birthday party is held at a Rhode Island Dolls strip club. You’re sure to have fun and will have memories that will last you a lifetime.