5 Reasons to Seal the Business Deal at Rhode Island Dolls Gentleman’s Club

Close Business Deals at Rhode Island DollsThe business world has been changing over the years. Just like how Casual Friday has snuck into most workplaces and been accepted, having business meetings in a gentleman’s club has become commonplace. While some people find the idea to be unprofessional or even insulting, others find that having a business meeting in a gentleman’s club is a great way to get to know clients and seal the deal. Here are five reasons why you might want to seal a business deal at a gentleman’s club.


A gentleman’s club is a comfortable place to be. The atmosphere is relaxed and fun, the seats are comfortable, and even the air temperature is kept at a comfortable level. You rarely have to worry about any sort of violence like a bar fight that you would be concerned about if you went to a regular bar. You can relax and talk about business while getting to know each other. If you really need to talk in private, then you can always head for a VIP room.

Good Food

Gentleman’s clubs are known for having great food. Any business meeting that is conducted with at least one person who is hungry is not going to go over very well. A hunger person wants the meeting to be over with and may not be willing to sit and listen to everything that is being presented. A good meal cannot only help all parties to relax, but can help make everyone more open to ideas and negotiation.

Good Drinks

Many business deals have been done in a private study or office over a glass of brandy. Why stop there? At a gentleman’s club, everyone can enjoy wine or another favorite drink during the business meeting. Some say this is an advantage because people will drink too much and a better deal can be made. Others see this as a way to get to know each other since everyone will be relaxing and be able to talk about business without anyone losing their tempers.


You can’t forget the live entertainment in a gentleman’s club! Taking your clients to a gentleman’s club where they are able to enjoy the attentions of beautiful dancers is sure to make them always remember you. It turns a boring business deal into something much more: something that’s fun as well as profitable. The biggest challenge might be making sure that everyone is paying attention to any presentations that are being done!


If all that is left of the business deal is signing the paperwork, then having the meeting at a gentleman’s club is the perfect place for a celebration. As soon as the papers are signed, the fun can begin! It helps to cement relations between all parties involved in the business deal and can serve as a sort of camaraderie. It’s an event that will be remembered fondly and could open the door to other favorable business deals in the future.

Not everyone will be open to the idea of sealing a business deal in a gentleman’s club. Make sure that you respect everyone who is involved in the deal. If just one person is uncomfortable for whatever reason – whether it’s personal feelings or because he knows his wife will hate the idea – then the deal may not go through. You want everyone happy and comfortable, so make sure to clear the location with everyone before you all meet for the business deal.