5 Sexy Spooky Outfits for RI Dolls Dancers this Halloween

Halloween at RI DollsYou don’t have to wait until Halloween to dress up, but sexy, spooky outfits are best reserved for the days surrounding this popular holiday. You can be anything – or anybody – that you want for one night, and you’re never too old to dress up. With thousands of options available, which ones are best for a night of dancing at your Rhode Island strip club? There are a few classic costumes that are sexy yet spooky, and your guests are sure to love the following outfits:


They say that bad girls have more fun, and your visitors at the gentlemen’s club will surely agree as you parade across the stage in a skintight devil costume. Red vinyl, black fishnet stockings, sky-high heels…what more could anybody want as they are watching you perform? Show off your feisty nature each time you dip and shake, and don’t forget to accessorize your stripper outfit with devil horns and a tail. Is it hot in here or what?


Leave the potions and magic brew at home – everybody will fall under your spell as soon as they see you in a sexy witch costume. A witch outfit is an excellent choice for an exotic dancer at RI Dolls, and there are tons of costumes to choose from. Pick an all-black piece with thigh-high boots, or pair a sexy purple and black corset top with a teeny tiny skirt that shows off all the hours you’ve been logging at the gym. If you’re worried that a bulky hat won’t remain in place during your set, opt for a headband attached to a mini witches’ hat instead.


If you don’t want to shell out a bunch of cash for a new costume, get creative and make your own. A torn white sheet and your favorite set of lingerie are all that you need to be a hauntingly beautiful ghost. Feel free to do your makeup in dramatic colors, such as blood-red lipstick and deep, dark eyeliner, to make your pretty face pop against your simple outfit. Complete the look with a pair of white boots or heels, and you’ll be good to go!

Another easy-to-do and highly affordable costume to try is a mummy. Drape a few pieces of toilet paper around your bra and panties, and you’re ready to deliver an incredible night of spooky fun on the stage.


Skeleton outfits usually aren’t very sexy, but some of the newer costumes are designed to flatter the body of an attractive exotic dancer just like you. Look for a low-cut costume that shows off your assets nicely, and consider wearing brightly colored lingerie that will pop against the black and white costume. Guests at your Woonsocket club will have a blast watching your impressive performance as you dance in a spooky skeleton ensemble.

You don’t have to decide whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob when you dress up in a seductive vampire costume this Halloween. Everybody will be Team RI Dolls, and you’ll be sure to provide a fun night for everybody in the audience. Intense makeup is an absolute must for this alluring ensemble, so pile on layers of smoky eye shadow and dark lipstick before you hit the stage. There are plenty of stripper-friendly vampire costumes available, making it a cinch to find one that shows off your curves just right as you perform. Black boots or stilettos finish the look off nicely and allow you to feel immortal all night long.

Still not sure which costume is right for you? Or maybe you’d prefer to switch things up a bit and try a few different looks? You don’t have to settle on just one sexy, spooky costume this October. As long as your manager is okay with you trying new looks, you can don as many outfits as you want when you dance at Rhode Island Dolls. Talk to your fellow strippers about what they’re wearing, and maybe you can arrange to trade costumes once or twice during this spooktacular season. No matter what you end up wearing, always remember that a confident personality and a seductive smile are the best accessories for your perfect hair, makeup, and costume.