5 Shopping Apps Where RI Dolls Dancers Can Find Great Deals

Sometimes you just don’t have time to go shopping for a new outfit or makeup or a great bag. Who wants to drive around to the different stores to find just the right shoes to go with that new outfit that is perfect for your school girl routine? Surely most of you don’t! But the good news is that you don’t have to. In fact, in these days, you can do most of your shopping with your phone, from the comfort of your bed or your couch or even while you’re on a break at work!

Shopping apps are all the rage these days. You can find almost anything that you want. You can save time by not having to go to the store. And the best part is that whatever you buy will get delivered right to your front door. How awesome is that?

So, if you’re pressed for time or just don’t feel like leaving the house to pick up whatever you need here are 10 shopping apps to start using today:

#1 Amazon
This one is the most obvious but if you haven’t tried it you should. Amazon makes shopping super easy. If you have Amazon Prime, you can even get stuff delivered on the same day you order it, depending on where you live. Amazon has everything you could possibly need at a variety of price points. Clothes, makeup, furniture – even groceries. If you have having to go to the grocery store for the common items that you stock all the time, try using Amazon. Amazon also has some cool features, like the Amazon Echo button, which allows you to order products that you frequently have to buy by simply pressing a button that you attach to the wall where ever you store the product. So, if you need to order more shampoo, just press the button and it’s on its way!

#2 Wish
You might not want to use Wish if you need something ASAP but if you want it cheap, it could be the right place to go. While many people find that it takes time (depending on the seller) and they don’t get exactly what they wanted (again, depending on the seller), you can avoid that buy looking at the reviews. Wish is a great option for clothing and since it is so inexpensive, it can be great for creating stage outfits. They also have makeup and skincare items, electronics, and more.

#3 Cute
Looking for affordable makeup, nail polish and other beauty items? You’ll love Cute. Like Wish, Cute has a variety of sellers so read reviews and read the details. Products start at $1 and go up from there. As with Wish, you’ll be charged for shipping on each order so it’s often best to order a lot of things at once. Consider going in with a few other dancers when you’re going to order stuff.

#4 AliExpress
AliExpress is more of a catch-all site. You can find pretty much anything there. Because there are many sellers, you can often find the same product at different prices. Each seller determines their own shipping fees. Read the details of the products carefully before ordering and check out the reviews. There’s some really cool stuff on there but be prepared to wait several weeks to have it delivered.

#5 Hollar
If you’re looking for name brand product you’re more likely to find it here than on Wish, Cute, or AliExpress. Prices still start as low as a $1 but they will always be lower than retail price. While there are lots of unbranded items, you can find products from Disney, NYX Cosmetics, Johnson & Johnson and other big brands here, too, so it is worth checking out. The minimum for an order is $10 but if you order at least $25 worth of stuff, it ships for free, which is a bonus compared to the other sites.
Life is so easy when you learn to use your smartphone to your advantage. If you don’t feel like going out to shop you can just pick up your phone. Dancers can take advantage of this and find things that they might not find in stores by shopping on their phone. They can also get things that they can use like skin conditioner, makeup, sexy clothing, and more at a fraction of the price that they might pay if they got it at a retail outlet. Shopping apps are great time savers and money savers, too. But be careful! It can be addicting!