5 Things that Women Can Learn from the Dancers at Rhode Island Dolls

Rhode Island Dolls - Learn from a dancerSome people have a slightly negative mindset about dancers at gentleman’s clubs and these views are usually unfounded. The dancers at Rhode Island Dolls are all beautiful women and each has her own reason for dancing. Some dance to support their families while others are putting themselves through school. Still others simply enjoy the work. Women can learn from them. Dancers can be great teachers in many areas, not just how to dance or how best to do your hair. Here are five lessons that dancers can teach women.

Be the Fantasy

Dancers at Rhode Island Dolls are there to fulfill a fantasy. Women are sometimes cautious about their boyfriends and husbands that go to RI Dolls but there is no need to be. The dancers simply create a fun fantasy world where a man is wanted and accepted for simply being who he is. They also cater to those fantasies that men keep hidden, such as a secret fetish about cheerleaders or redheads.

You can strengthen your relationship with your man as well as improve your sex life by taking a cue from the dancers. Make sure that your man knows that you think he’s great. Just like women, men need to know that they are appreciated. You can also add some spice by catering to the fantasies he has with games such as role playing. He’ll fall in love with you all over again.

Take Action

There is no such thing as a shy dancer. All of the dancers you’ll find at Rhode Island Dolls are strong, confident women. They have to be in order to do their job. They do what they have to and take action. You can do this too. Whether it’s letting your man know you want him or going after a new job, take action. Confidence is not only sexy, it’s empowering. Be confident in yourself and in your abilities and simply go after everything that you want.

Add Variety

A single dancer may wear three or more costumes in a night. She performs to different songs and she can be anything that a man is looking for. She’s not boring at any moment. In order to keep your relationship from getting boring, add some variety. This doesn’t just mean in the bedroom. Add variety to your routine by going to new places, trying new foods, and just shaking things up. Your own life can be greatly enhanced by adding some variety and you may find you enjoy things you never thought you would.

Be Flexible

As you watch the dancers at Rhode Island Dolls you’ll find that they are incredibly flexible. Not only can they do incredible dance moves, but they can smoothly go from one routine to the next. If they’re rejected after offering a dance, they just go on about their night. Women can learn how to be more flexible, not just as a dancer, but in everything. When something doesn’t go your way, simply go another way and don’t let it get you down. As things in your life change, roll with them and simply accept the changes. Be flexible in the things you do with others, your work, and the new things you try in order to make your whole life better.

Step Back

Dancers at Rhode Island Dolls do their job with a smile but they are not overly emotional about it. They don’t cry if someone rejects an offer of a dance or get depressed. They are also able to take a step back and look at someone and see what they really need, whether it’s some attention or just a listening ear. If you learn how to do the same thing, then you can improve your relationships with everyone, not just your man. Take a step back and look at things without allowing your emotions to rule you and you’ll be better able to understand every situation.