5 Things to Do When You Get Hired as a Dancer at RI Dolls

You must be so excited to find out you got the job as a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls! It’s one of Woonsocket, Rhode Island’s best gentlemen’s clubs. Not only will you make great money but you’re going to have a great time.

If you’ve never had a job as an exotic dancer you might be wondering what kinds of things you should be doing to prepare. These five things will get you started:

#1 Choose Your Stage Name

You should never use your own name when you’re a dancer at a gentleman’s club.  It’s just not wise. It makes it easy for a certain kind of customer to find you in your personal life.  Instead, have a stripper name.  There are two basic kinds of stripper names.  One is real names like “Stephanie” or “Christina.” The other is the fantasy name like “Lacy” or “Silken” or “Diamond”.  Both are fine and you should be able to find something that suits your personality.  You might not stick with the same stripper name for your entire dancing career and that’s ok.  You just want something to get started with.  Think of the type of fantasy girl that you would like to be.  You might choose a name of a famous person that has the characteristics of your fantasy or you can choose something fun and creative.

#2 Get “Doll”ed Up!

Before you get on the stage and start flaunting your stuff, you should head to the hair stylist and get a haircut that will look awesome on the stage.  If you have long hair, get a cut that will allow you to throw your hair around and it will still fall back into place.  If you’re going for something short (and that’s ok if you do – there are lots of men that love women with short hair) make sure it is going to be easy to maintain.  If you want to add to the fantasy, you can get a color, too.  Highlights are always fun or you can get totally wild and add some streaks of a vibrant color like pink or purple or green. If you really want to get wild, you can even dye your whole head a crazy color but remember that will make it easier for you to be identified in your personal life, too.

#3 Get in Shape and Stay in Shape!

If you don’t already have a workout routine, you’ll want to start one.  You might be thin or slender already but dancing is more than just having a great body. You need to have stamina and you’re going to need to build up your muscles in order to do the really great moves on the stage that you see some dancers doing.  So, join a gym if you don’t already have a membership.  Do a combination of weights, aerobics, and core exercises to help you get stronger, and have better balance and stamina so that you can do great things on the stage and wow your customers.

#4 Get a Pair of High Heels and Practice

Dancing on the stage in a pair of crazy high heels does not come naturally to anyone. You’re going to need to find some great shoes that you can really move around in and you are definitely going to need to spend some time in them.  Try to wear them in before your first shift so that you’re used to them before you actually get up on the stage.  Wear them around your house and get used to moving in them.  You need to feel as if they are connected to your body. And don’t forget to practice dancing in them!

#5 Get Used to Eating Right

This doesn’t mean going on a diet. You likely don’t need to be on a diet otherwise  you wouldn’t have gotten the job.  But you do need to eat the right combination of carbs, proteins, and veggies and fruits.  You’ll want to make sure that you control your calories because you don’t want to gain weight.  But you also want to eat the right combination of foods so that you have the maximum energy to perform on the stage each day.  What you eat and how much of it you eat and even when you eat it can affect how well you perform on the stage.

These are some of the most important steps you can take when you’ve gotten a job as a stripper at Rhode Island Dolls.  There will be more tips you can get from the dancers, too, so by all means, talk to them.  They are living the life already so there will be some great advice that you can get from them.