5 Things To Talk RI Dolls Dancers About And 3 Topics to Avoid

One of the best things about going to a gentlemen’s club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI is that the dancers are very approachable and easy to talk to. Or it seems like it should be that way. Let’s face it – dancers are hot and sexy and confident and sometimes it can be hard to talk to a woman like that. But it is still great practice for talking to women in the real world and if you are smart it can improve your dating life.

You should remember though that dancers are there to do a job. They earn their living by dancing – on the stage, doing lap dances, or private dances. If they aren’t doing one of those things, they are working on ways to get people to pay them for those things. Talking is one of the ways that they do that. But if you’re talking to long and it doesn’t seem like it is leading to some kind of money earning activity, they have no choice but to say good night and move on to someone that plans on helping them earn a living.

So, talk to the dancers. But be prepared to either purchase a lap dance or private dance or let them move on when it is time. Don’t waste them time all night long.

Not sure what to talk about? Here’s 5 things you can talk about with dancers at Rhode Island Dolls:

#1 Movies: It’s a safe topic that almost anyone can talk about. Ask her what her favorite movies are. You might find that you have a few favorite movies in common. She might be a chick flick type of girl but maybe she’s into B Movies or maybe she loves the adventure and action type of movie. You’ll never know uuntil you ask! Whether you disagree or agree on what the best movies are, you’ll have something to talk about.

#2 Hobbies: Ask her what she likes to do in her spare time. Maybe she’s a book lover or a comic book nerd. Maybe she’s more into outdoor activities like rock climbing, swimming, boating, or fishing. Chances are, you likely have some activity that you like to do in common. Once you figure out what it is you can have several conversations about it over the course of time.

#3 Sports: Not all girls are into sports but many of dancers might be into some kind of sporting event. You may find out that you are both Red Sox fans (or not) or maybe you like opposing teams. That’s ok. Sports can create some healthy conversation topics.

#4 Local Events: There are lots of events that take place in the Woonsocket, Rhode Island area. Talking about events in the past is usually safest because most dancers will not want to reveal what events they plan to go to – they don’t want to take the chance of encouraging a stalker. But you can talk about local bars, dance clubs, art fairs, and other events that have taken place in the past. Let them lead the conversation though so they feel safe.

#5 Dancing: Ask her how she learned to dance. You could ask her about her background in dancing such as where she went to school or how long she has been dancing. You could ask her about other dancing she does or dancing that she might like to learn.

Remember that dancers are just making conversation to lead up to a request for a money earning activity. If they admit to enjoying the same kind of activity as you, it is not an invitation to ask them to meet you at an event or go with you somewhere. That would be crossing the line.

There are some topics that you should strictly avoid when you are at RI Dolls. You’re there to have a good time, not create controversy, so don’t talk about these things:

#1 Religion: Everyone has an opinion about religion and most people think their religion (or lack of one is right). The club is not the place to try and sway someone over to your way of thinking. Relgion is a personal thing.

#2 Politics: It falls into the same spot as religion. Your opinion is yours and her opinion is hers. Unless you’re willing to get into a huge debate (and most dancers are not – they are there to make money, not have a long conversation about politics) this is not a great topic. Avoid it if you can. Don’t wear your red hat. Conversations about politics have been known to get quiet heated so it is best to just avoid it.

#How She Enjoys Her Job: Just like someone in any job, if you are a client asking how the person enjoys their job, you are likely not to get a completely honest answer. This is just as true with an exotic dancer as anyone else. They want to keep their job as they have expenses that they need the money for. Do not put your favorite exotic dancer into this position as you never know who may be listening to your conversation.