5 Types of People that Visit Gentleman’s Clubs

RI Dolls - all types of people visitIf you pay attention to the movies, you’ll see a wide variety of different people in gentleman’s clubs. Sometimes the people portrayed are just generally people that you wouldn’t want to associate with. You won’t find those kinds of people at RI Dolls. You’ll find people who are just here to have fun and relax. There are several types of people who come to RI Dolls.

Business People

RI Dolls gets lots of business people visiting. Sometimes you can tell based on just the way they carry themselves – they are often very confident and sure of everything they say and do. Other times they come in after work and are still wearing their suits, making it obvious they just came from the office. During the weekdays, you might see business people at RI Dolls holding a meeting. They usually are a very cheerful bunch and can be a great deal of fun.


Couples are going to gentleman’s clubs, including RI Dolls, more and more often. At first glance, it may seem strange to see a couple in a gentleman’s club. There are many reasons couples head to the club. They may be trying to add something new to their marriage or are just trying out something new. Many couples reserve a special night every month to visit a club and it helps them to be even closer.


There are always plenty of bachelors in a gentleman’s club! Many of them are just single guys who are there with their friends to have some fun and enjoy the dancing. Sometimes they’re there just for a dance and sometimes they are there just for the socializing with their friends and anyone else that they meet while at the club.

You’ll also see bachelor parties. RI Dolls is a great place for bachelor parties and these are always a great deal of fun. A bunch of guys getting together to celebrate a huge change in a man”s life…how can it not be fun? The club is always an extremely happy place when there is a bachelor’s party going on.


There’s nothing wrong with being a newbie at a club like RI Dolls, though everyone can tell when it’s a person’s first time at the club. Newbies may be with their friends or they may come in alone. If they’re with friends they usually are announced by their friends but whether they come in alone their nervousness usually gives them away. They’re wide eyed and excited and always bring something new to the club. Newbies can be a great deal of fun as they learn the ins and outs of a gentleman’s club.

Single Women

Single women sometimes have girls’ night outs at gentleman’s clubs. Why? Usually it’s because the club is so secure and relaxed that they can actually have fun. They don’t worry about anyone coming up and asking them out nor do they have to worry about their safety. They’re mainly there to have fun, eat, drink, and visit with their friends while enjoying the dances.

You’re sure to see a wide variety of people every time you come to RI Dolls. Different types of people come at different times of the day so if you come at various times you’ll be able to meet many different people.