5 Ways to Enjoy RI Dolls Gentleman’s Club as a Couple

Couples Welcome at RI DollsGentleman’s clubs are often seen as places for men to escape the world and enjoy a fantasy. It is common to hear about women who are jealous of their boyfriend or husband going to a strip club and who despise the thought that he is there for any amount of time. You don’t have to sneak around and hide the credit card receipts! If your lady is open to the idea (and not just going along for the ride just to make you happy) then take her with you the next time you head for the RI Dolls gentleman’s club.

There are lots of ways you can have fun as a couple. Just make sure that you both have established any rules and boundaries before you go – and respect them.

Go on Couples’ Night (call us to check our schedule)

RI Dolls occasionally has a night that is specifically for couples. If you go on this night, you can be sure that the entertainment will be designed for couples. If there are other couples there, then your girl will be a bit more relaxed. This is especially true if it is the first time she has been to a club. If you can’t make it for couples’ night, then at least you know the club is friendly towards couples and that more than likely you’ll find other couples there.

Buy a Dance

If it’s alright with both of you, go ahead and buy a dance. Many times you will find that your lady gets more of the attention. Never ignore your girl! She may start to think that you prefer the dancer over her. Hold hands, keep some kind of contact with her, and enjoy the dance. This can be an excellent way to spice up your relationship while letting you and your lady get closer.

Go on Amateur Night (Call us to ask when our next Amateur Night is happening)

If you’re a really adventurous couple, then you can hit Rhode Island Dolls on amateur night. You can enjoy watching the dancers together and you may even get to see your wife or girlfriend try her hand at dancing. Remember that many of the dancers will be amateurs, so you may have to make your rules clear because they may not know the rules of the professional dancers.

Go for a Special Occasion

If you’re an open couple who shares fantasies, then a special occasion may be the perfect time to go to Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club. You can sit back and relax while you watch the dancers as you enjoy your time together and visit with one another. If she has fantasies about another woman, buy her a lap dance. You’ll both enjoy it! It will certainly be a birthday or anniversary that she’ll never forget. You may even be able to get special discounts for some occasions.

Just Enjoy

Having your girl with you while you’re at RI Dolls gentleman’s club may seem like a bad idea, but it can actually make the experience better than ever before. If she is enjoying herself, then you don’t have to worry and she’ll see what a club is really like. The experience can bring you closer together and help spice up your love life or even open the doors to communication on a level you haven’t been able to reach. Watch the show, talk, and just enjoy being together.