5 Ways To Make Your Experience at RI Dolls Unique

Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI is a great place to go, day or night, week day or weekend. There’s not doubt about that. But if you want to make your experience at RI Dolls just a little more unique there are a few things you can do. You can spend a little extra money or you can try some of the things on this list that cost you absolutely nothing. But one thing is for sure, it will make every trip to this gentlemen’s club just a little bit different.

So, what can you do to make your experience at Rhode Island Dolls more unique? Try these things:

#1 Bring a Hot Female Friend

If you’re wondering if this kind of defeats the purpose of going to a strip club, you’re wrong. Generally, women are more comfortable when there are other women around. You’d be amazed at how many more of the dancers at the strip club will approach you and start talking. They will assume that if you are confident enough to come to a strip club with a woman that you’re likely a pretty good guy. And they will assume that you don’t NEED to come to see strippers in order to see naked women. This will make them feel more comfortable and you might actually find yourself getting a lot of attention from the dancers. Bonus tip: if the girl you bring is comfortable and sexy in her own right she might even get a lap dance from the dancers herself and who doesn’t want to see that?

#2 Tip Out The Other Staff

It’s a given that you’re going to tip the dancers but don’t forget to tip the bouncer and the bartender, too. Why? Because staff talk. And when the strippers find out that you tip out the other staff they will know that they are not wasting time when the pay attention to you or agree to a lap dance. There’s nothing worse for a dancer than to give a lap dance to someone and find out that they are cheap non-tippers. As a bonus, the bouncer might make sure that you get a good spot near the stage and the bartender will be faster about getting your drinks.

#3 Bring a Wingman

Everyone should have a wingman. Preferably someone that is not as into the dancers as you are. But here’s a pro-tip. Bring a wingman with an injury. Nothing serious. Maybe a leg in a cast or an arm that is sprained and in a sling. Women love men that are injured and the dancers are likely to come over and see what is wrong with him and what happened. If you’re lucky, maybe one of them will offer a free lap dance or pay extra attention to you when you are at the stage!

#4 Go During Less Busy Hours

Everyone goes to the gentlemen’s clubs in the evenings and on the weekends. Try going on a Monday night or in the middle of the afternoon. The dancers that are on stage know that they have to work extra hard to make money during those hours because there aren’t as many people there. There’s a good chance if you go to RI Dolls during the less busy hours that you’ll get more attention from the dancers. And if you’re a good tipper, they will remember you from time to time. This is a great way to have a lot more fun at the strip club!

#5 Dress Up

It’s no secret that the dancers pay more attention to the customers that they think have money. If you dress with class and look like you have a lot of money when you go to a strip club you’re going to have the dancers clamoring over who gets to give you a lap dance first. Put on a suit and tie and nice shoes. Get rid of the sweats. Men who wear sweats to strip clubs are only there for one thing and even if they do tip the dancers, the girls would much rather dance up on a classy guy in a suit any day. If you look like class, the girls will assume that you will treat them like class so don’t be a slob when you go to the strip club!

These things will enhance and improve your experience at a gentlemen’s club like Rhode Island Dolls any day of the week. You’ll have a great time and the girls will be happy to make sure that you’re having fun, too!