6 Foods Dancers at Rhode Island Dolls Should Eat for More Energy

foods-for-dancersDancers require a lot of energy to keep going through a busy shift. Besides that fact that you need to have energy to have your dance routines, you need to keep it up when you’re in between sets and socializing with clients. Clients don’t like dancers that appear to be worn out and tired. When you are feeling good and have a little bounce in your step you’ll be more attractive and get better tips.

Diet is something that you should pay attention to throughout the day, not just before you have to dance. If you fuel your body properly with good food and the right kind of food you’ll feel better all the time but you’ll especially feel great when you need to be active.

Here are 6 foods you should add to your diet if you’re not already eating them:

  1. Brown Rice – carbs get a bad name in the media but the truth is that there are many carbs that are good for you and brown rice is one of them. What people don’t realize is that it is rich in manganese. This is a mineral and it makes proteins and carbs from other foods provide more energy. It’s easy to implement brown rice into your diet. You can eat it plain as a side dish or mix with your favorite veggies or lean cuts of meat.
  2. Fruit – most fruits are high in sugar but they are a natural sugar that your body will digest much faster than if you eat a candy bar or a sugary soft drink. Glucose is easily metabolized and can give you a quick burst of energy. It’s the perfect snack before you get on stage because it is light and will not make you feel heavy. Bananas, apples and oranges in particular are good choices. They come in their own packaging so they are easy to carry with you and they are filled with fiber. The energy boost that you get from fruits like these will keep you going much longer than candy and low value snacks.
  3. Spinach – this leafy green is high in iron and many women (especially if you don’t eat a lot of meat) are low in iron. Iron makes you feel more energetic overall. When iron stores are low, you feel like sleeping all the time. Put spinach in a soup, a stir fry, or make a salad out of it. It has a great texture and tastes good, too. There’s a reason Popeye loved it so much!
  4. Beans – enjoyed by both vegetarians and carnivores alike, beans are a nice meat alternative. They tend to be easier to digest than most meats that are full of fat. The protein boost they give you is good, too. And the nice thing is that there are so many different kinds of beans to choose from. They give salads texture and can be ground into a paste to use on wraps and sandwiches to give them lots of flavor.
  5. Eggs – did you know that up to 97% of egg protein can be absorbed by your body? And one little egg gives you 30% of the protein that your body needs each day. Eggs also have amino acids that help you rebuild muscles. That may be why so many people like to start the day with eggs. There are endless ways to prepare them and they are great when combined with other foods.
  6. Yogurt – individual yogurts are easy to throw in your bag for a snack on the way to work or after they gym. You can try yogurt in so many different flavors now, too, so there’s lots of room for variety. You’ll get calcium and lots of magnesium to help release energy and yogurt also helps to replenish glycogen stores.

Dancers need to have a lot of energy. Besides the fact that their dance routines are very active, dancers work late at night quite often and our bodies are not used to being active in the later hours of the day. Eating the mentioned foods as well as high protein meats like salmon and meat alternatives like almonds throughout the day can increase the amount of energy you have. That way, when you meet clients and get up on the stage you’ll be even more appealing and attractive. You’ll feel happier and your mood will improve. What we eat really does make a difference in how we feel and how we move!