6 Reasons to Start Visiting RI Dolls During the Day

Most people think that going to a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI is a nighttime kind of thing to do. You head there with buddies after work, have a few drinks, and watch the dancers on the stage. But there are some very good reasons to go to RI Dolls during the daytime hours.

Here are some great reasons to visit Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club during the day:

  1. It’s not as busy. When it is quieter, you have your choice of seats; the service is amazing, and you get all the attention of the Dolls that are dancing that day. Imagine how nice it would be not to have to wait for your favorite dancer to notice you?
  2. Food comes out faster! Order anything from the amazing menu and you’re sure to get it quick and hot. It’s the perfect time of day to enjoy some of our delicious food, from pizza to sandwiches to full entrees.
  3. You can hear each other talk. Why not take the business out of the office and have a business meeting at RI Dolls? It would be a hell of a lot more fun and you might even be able to close the deal that much faster so that you can put business aside and pay more attention to the Dolls.
  4. It’s a great excuse to hide out from the heat. There’s air conditioning and comfortable seats – and did we mention the cold drinks?
  5. We won’t tell anyone you’re here. Need to take a break from the real world? This is the perfect spot to do it. No one will guess that you’re hanging out at a strip club in the middle of the day. Just tell everyone you’re meeting a client or running an errand. No need to be more specific than that.
  6. Private one-on-one time with your favorite Doll. Yes, you read that right! We are not offering a special offer for daytime customers only. You need to book ahead but you can do 45-60 minute sessions with your favorite dancer. She can be topless or nude and you can even add champagne to your VIP session with the stripper that you love the most. You can get your private VIP room with the dancer of your choice by booking ahead for Wednesday to Saturday afternoons from 12-3 PM.

Read #6 again – a whole hour of private time with your favorite dancer! How can you not get excited about that? We know that although watching the strippers dance is fun; you enjoy them for more than that. Dancers are great conversationalists and very good listeners, too. Many of them have told us that their customers mean a lot to them and they look forward to hearing how things went with the new job or about your vacation trip last month with the family. They enjoy their time with you. So, think about how much more enjoyable your time with your favorite dancer could be if you had her all to yourself for an hour?

Of course, we expect that you’re going to want to book that time with your favorite dancer for yourself but there are other things you could do with this opportunity, too.

Why not book some time for a friend that has been having a rough time of it this year? The pandemic has been really hard on a lot of people. Maybe you have a friend that just needs a little extra incentive to get out of the house and start getting back to his routine again. Think an hour with a sexy Doll would inspire him?

How about that friend that just got engaged? This would be a great way to celebrate. Get him a personal hour with his favorite dancer! It could be a great start to his bachelor party. Book him an hour with champagne for the afternoon. Then the rest of the bachelor party can meet him back there later for the rest of the celebration.

Day time hours at a strip club can be awesome. Besides the quieter venue and the amazing service, you can now get a personal experience with a Rhode Island Dolls dancer that you’ll never forget.

What are you waiting for? We’re taking reservations now. Call us at 401-765-6624. A $100 deposit is required.